Primary Update

January 4

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Term 2

Happy New Year to all, I hope you had a restful Christmas holidays wherever you chose to spend them. I am thankful for the time I had to spend with family and friends, as well as the amazing adventures that living in HK can offer. I am sure each and everyone of us had something memorable happen over the holiday break and look forward to catching up with you to find out more.

I am excited as we move in to the second half of the school year. As a college, we aim for our students to understand:

  • What they are learning...

  • Where they are at…

  • Their next steps in learning…

With this in mind we have begun to work towards developing specific areas of our teaching and learning, such as embedding rich tasks in Maths, going deeper in UOI and developing great readers and writers in Language. Through the leadership of Lyn, Jason and Donna and the Team Leaders we have made excellent inroads to a lot of these priorities, however it is now important for us to not only continue the great work but strengthen these areas across the school to ensure our students continue to be provided with a significant, relevant, challenging and engaging curriculum.

With this said, I believe at the forefront of all this is the importance of developing positive, effective, respectful and supportive relationships with students, staff and parents. As we aim to develop a 'flourishing community' at DC, one which supports the development of wellbeing and achievement for both students and staff, I encourage all staff to continue to look for opportunities to acknowledge and support each other, as well as our students, as we move through this busy term.

Special News

Congratulations to the new Mrs Kate Agars (Jolly) who got married to Sam in Adelaide over the Christmas holidays. We look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of their special day soon.

We also look forward to hearing some wonderful news from Sarah and Kevin on the birth of their first child very soon. We welcome back Katie Warner to Year 2 to replace Sarah whilst she is on maternity leave.


As shared at the end of Term 1, Tom has now left us to take up his new position. I have not yet filled the position of PA and will look to do so as soon as possible. I have asked Kristi Jervis to kindly step back into this roll for the first two weeks whilst I continue to search for a new person.

Lyn is away for the first three days at an IB workshop in Thailand. For any Year 1 or 2 questions please direct them initially through your Team Leader who will then liaise with myself or another member of PLT if required.

What's On

The first four weeks back will be full of big events and excisions. These include:

Year 1 Grandpas Garden Excursion: Week 1

Year 3 Museum Excursion: Week 1

Primary Admissions: Week 2

Primary Chinese Speech Competition: Week 3

Please refer to school calendar for exact dates and times.

Week in Action..

This Week.... week beginning 4 January

Monday 4 January: Team Leaders Meeting - Venue: Year 6

Wednesday 6 January: Collaborative Planning

Next Week..... week beginning 11 January

Monday 11 January: Staff Meeting - Language Focus

Wednesday 13 January: Collaborative Planning - Cross Phase

YEAR ONE ADMISSIONS: Occurring Monday to Thursday.