For adults, kids & families in the Sutherland Shire

Quality karate tuition for age 5 to 50+

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced and bring the best of martial arts tuition to the dojo.

We have classes specifically for kids, adults and families.

We provide tuition in basics, kata, kumite and self defence. Fitness, coordination and self-discipline will improve through your martial arts training.

Member of the NSW, Australian, Oceania and World Karate Federations. Established in the Sutherland Shire in 1980.

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Our experienced instructors are silver or bronze accredited via the Australian Sports Commission.

Sensei Tony Hails 7th Dan

Founder and Chief Instructor of Ishinryu Karate in Australia.

Current Mentor coach to the Fijian Karate Federation. Former national and technical coach to the Australian Karate Federation. Coach at four World Championships.

Former national captain. Dual gold medallist at the Asian Pacific Championships. Competitor at four World Championships.

Instructor at Jannali on Monday and Menai on Thursday and Saturday.

Sensei Alison Peachey 5th Dan

Oceania kata judge and Australian kumite referee.

Chief referee for Ishinryu Karate worldwide.

Former national team champion and Australian representative and medallist at the Oceania Championships.

Instructor at Burraneer on Tuesday, Menai on Wednesday. Assists at Menai on Saturday.

Sensei Leighton Wren 4th Dan

Former national champion. Australian representative at the Commonwealth and World Junior championships. Medallist at Oceania championships.

Instructor at Engadine on Tuesday, assistant at Menai on Thursday and Saturday.

Sensei Cassidy Lynne 4th Dan

Experienced dojo instructor, specialising in the technical aspects of karate. Competitor at NSW and University events.

Assistant instructor at Jannali on Monday, Menai on Thursday and Saturday.

We welcome you to the dojo.

  • Jannali Community Centre: Monday
  • Engadine Community Centre: Tuesday
  • Burraneer Bay Public School: Tuesday
  • Menai Indoor Sports Centre: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

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Kids classes

Each dojo has a class for the U/10 student. They are in this class until they turn 10, or reach 7th kyu (yellow belt).

The kids learn the same techniques as all adult students, but at their own pace. They have two "mid" grades which makes attaining the first two full belts more gradual and achievable.

Each class will focus on learning new techniques, discipline and self confidence.

Tweens, Teens and Adults classes

Each dojo has a class for the age 10+. We find that once a student turns 10 they are very capable of performing and learning at an adult level (and the U/10 join this class once they reach orange belt).

Each class will be different! We focus on basic techniques, kata, kumite (sparring, both for dojo and competition), fitness, coordination and self defence.

Family classes

9am on Saturday at the Menai dojo is a class for all ages from beginner to intermediate grade. This allows the kids and their parents to train at the same time, with the groups further subdivided by age and grade when necessary.