Presidential Campaign

By: Kaitlyn Slattery

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The Republic of Texas is in much debt, so we first need to limit spending. We could also sell land to pay off the debt since we already have quite a bit of land. Then maybe in the future when we are out of debt we can gain our land back.


I believe that being annexed into the United States would be best for the Republic of Texas. We have too little resources and money to continue on as a republic. If we join the United States we would have someone to back us up in these troubled times. We can not fight another war with Mexico if need be on the resources we have.


I think we should avoid conflict with Mexico until we have better conditions. Right now I feel going to war with Mexico would be a foolish idea. We have no back up, and we are already in a large sum of debt.

Native Americans

The easiest way to deal with the Natives would be to compromise. We could house them, and we could integrate them into our society. The natives also have lived here for a while, so we could use their knowledge of the land. Less fighting and less money lost.


Abolish slavery, because one reason the United States is unsure of annexing us is the unfair balance of slave states and non-slave states. If we abolished slavery the United States would be more eager to annex us.


First, we need to make sure we have a trusted leader for our army. I would check in with the army, and track their progress. Also, giving them clear goals that will make them serve a purpose.