4th Grade News

Week of: February 8th-12th

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 22-26: Kindness Week

Friday, Feb. 19-Library Check Out

Tuesday, Feb. 23-Counselor

A Look At Our Week:

ELA: This week we began our ND studies. We learned about what ND was like long ago and the affect that had on the land today. We have been also been learning about nonfiction research and matrixing. In writing, we began learning about synthesizing. In word study, we practiced with words that have inflected endings with "y" at the end.

Math: We finished up Unit 5 this week. After a couple days of review, the kids took the Unit 5 assessment. We will begin Unit 6 next week. This unit will focus on division and angles.

Science: This week the kids tested their circuits to see if they were successful. They then made improvements to their circuits based on the results of their test run. This week we will be adding an alarm to our circuit.

Who Was Chatterpix Videos

Over the last couple weeks the kids have been reading Who Was books in their book clubs. They filled out a timeline of their person's life and then made a digital timeline using iPads. After they finished their timeline, they created a Chatterpix video using a picture of their person. They gave a brief biography of the person, and we then uploaded the videos to a YouTube channel. I've attached the link for the YouTube playlist if you would like to watch all our Chatterpix videos. The kids worked very hard on them, and they turned out great!


Kindness Week: February 22-26

Our school will be celebrating Kindness Week with some special dress up days.

Monday: Wear a Tie

Tuesday: Hat Day

Wednesday: Wear Red or Pink

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: Superhero Day