Help end scarcity in Africa

Our Goal

Our goal is to end or nearly end the harsh water scarcity in Africa.We do the best we can by asking all families to donate at least $2 every month , so that we can use the money donations to help improve Africa.We use about 80% of the donations to pay our hired workers who go to Africa make things and build things, the 20% goes directly to Africa.

Our Solution

Our solution to this massive issue is to hire people who specialize in these things.We would hire plumbers and many other types of workers so they can work in Africa and start building filters, pipes , safe restrooms , and many more things.How would we pay this ?We would pay theses workers by collecting the money donated to this non-profit organization,paying their wages.We would use 80% of the donations to pay the workers, the other 20% would go directly to Africa.We would then send these same people yearly to inspect how the things they built are going.There would then be clean water.

Want to Help Africa ?

We are hiring workers who specialize in the subjects listed above, we need people who work really work hard. We will be paying your wages , so you can just focus on the job. Your work will help many people in Africa live longer and live healthier! If you are interested then you can call the following number.