The Photocopier

Whats is it and who invented it?

a photocopier is any device for producing copies of text or graphic material by the use of light, heat, chemicals, or electrostatic charge. Chester Carlson is the inventor of the photocopier.

What does it do and how does it work?

On the photocopier their is a a piece of glass where the original copy goes. if there is multiple copies being made then the tray loading system is used which loads one page at a time. when the machine is started then in the photocopier a small arm is placed on the papers. the original copies then get fed into the machine which go through series of conveyors and roller which then make their way to the copy surface. the original copies are carried on the conveyors which roll back to the paper handler which the separates the original copy form the new copies.

How does it use electrostatics?

Inside the photocopier there is a special drum and it charged by a form of static electricity. also inside the copier there is a toner and when the drum is charged it will attract the toner particles. the drum can be charged so that it can only attract the toner particles.the toner has to go onto the drum then the paper so what happens the toner gets attracted to the drum and then the paper attracts the toner. the toner is heat sensitive so when heat is applied the toner gets attracts to the paper.light is projected onto the paper and as it is electrons are being transferred to the drum which neutralizes it. the dark areas on the paper don't reflect the light so those spots are positively charged. the dark toner is negatively charged and when it is spread across the drum it attracts to the positive particles that are left on the drum. then a positively charged sheet of paper passes over the drum attracting the toner. The paper is then heated and pressed and then it is complete.


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