D91 Blended Learning Survival Guide

2020-2021 School Year

Dear D91 Parents and Guardians,

On Tuesday, September 15th, the D91 Board of Education discussed the district's current status and the recommendation for blended learning to begin. I am happy to say that we are on track and will open our buildings on Monday, September 28, 2020, for students who chose the district’s blended learning option.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have developed additional procedures and protocols for staff and students alike. It is important that all families follow these protocols and work with the district to take mitigating measures to reduce the spread. These measures include wearing a mask when at school and in other public places having large groups of people, washing or sanitizing your hands throughout the day, and practicing social/physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

It is our hope that by following the procedures and protocols in our Roadmap to Reopening document we will be able to keep our buildings open for on-site learning and keep our staff and students healthy.

We are using several metrics to guide our decision making:

  • weekly percent positivity rate
  • weekly number of new cases per 100,000
  • weekly number of new cases
  • weekly number of youth cases
  • number of CLI (COVID like illness - among staff & students)
  • number of positive cases (building & district-wide)
  • staffing levels at each building

We want families to know that there may be occasions when we will need to implement short-term closures to prevent/contain the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. We are monitoring metrics daily and will do our very best to give families as much notice as possible, should we need to close. We encourage all families to establish a backup plan for child care in case we need to close one or both of our buildings for a period of time. If this were to happen all students would resume remote learning for the duration of the closure.

We are very excited and are looking forward to having students back in the buildings! This survival guide has been created to put the information needed to navigate this transition in one central resource. We are counting down the days!

Donna Gray


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School is in session from 8:30am until 3pm each day - all students attend five days per week. Blended students attending in person are asked to arrive AT OR AFTER 8:20am. Please see below for more information about arrival and dismissal.

Students assigned to the "Green" learning group will attend in person on Monday and Thursday and participate remotely on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Students assigned to the "Gold" learning group will attend in person on Tuesday and Friday and participate remotely on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Students assigned to the "White" learning group will participate remotely every day, Monday through Friday.

Whenever a student is participating remotely, he or she will have access to Google classroom instructional activities and/or live streamed teaching with the grade/content teacher(s). Please note that those who are not attending in person will follow a schedule that closely mirrors the in person schedule with some differences. For instance, PE will not be live for home learners on M,T,R,F. In addition, there may be times during the day where independent work sessions and non-instructional transitions are not streamed. Each grade level will provide a detailed schedule to students and their parents.

On Wednesdays, ALL learners, regardless of group assignment, are learning remotely. As a result, the Wednesday schedule looks different from the other days of the week. Each Wednesday, students have fewer sessions with their homeroom/content teachers and more time engaged in social emotional learning, library activities and more.

Due to the streaming aspect of our learning plan, we ask that both blended and remote families be flexible as we welcome some students back for in person learning. Especially the first two days, the teachers will be assisting students with the transitions involved in entering the buildings for the first time. As a result, some academic streaming times may be curtailed as we all adjust to the new schedule(s).

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Actual schedules will vary by grade level;

please see communication from homeroom teachers / grade level teams.


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#1 Students who have a D91 Chromebook on loan MUST bring the device to school each in person attendance day. There is no need to bring the charger, just make sure it is fully charged before packing it.

Milne Grove Supply Drop Off / Materials Pick Up

MG Students (PK - 3rd) Materials Pick Up (Student in Need of Chromebooks MUST Visit KG)

Friday, Sep. 25th, 12:30-2pm

565 East 7th Street

Lockport, IL

At Milne Grove, guardians may drop off supplies for students enrolled in the Green or Gold groups at door E. Please enter the MG drive off of 7th Street and proceed around to the rear of the building to door E. Drivers can remain in their vehicles and staff will obtain the supplies from you. In some cases, teachers may have items for remote learners (White group) to pick up. Please look for communications from your homeroom teacher for specifics. This opportunity is being offered to assist the younger children in being prepared. Families that cannot find or are unable to provide supplementary supplies (kleenex, etc) are NOT required to provide these items.

Kelvin Grove Supplies

Kelvin Grove Students in Grades 4-8 will bring their supplies to school on their first scheduled in person learning day.

Arrival and Entering the School(s)

  • Families are encouraged to drop off at Kelvin Grove FIRST and then head to Milne Grove.
  • Students must wear facial coverings before exiting vehicles or coming onto school property. Students may not arrive on school property prior to 8:20am. Parents are encouraged to remain in their vehicles or leave school grounds after escorting their child to the school building. Social distancing and masks are required for EVERY person on school grounds.
  • Students will enter buildings at assigned doors based upon their grade level; see list below. Students should not play on playgrounds or congregate outside the buildings.
  • Students shall stand on designated markings to maintain appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet between students.
  • Students will have temperature checked by infrared thermometer by a staff member; if temperature is within normal limits, they will head straight to their classrooms upon arrival (after screening). If an elevated body temperature is detected, the student will be referred to the building nurse for further evaluation.
  • Students will be required to sanitize their hands after having their temperature checked by a staff member.

  • Upon entering the classroom, students shall place their backpacks and coats/jackets on their assigned chair or desk.

  • Students must report directly to their homeroom classroom and will not be allowed to gather or socialize with peers in the hallway. Students must walk on the right hand side of the hallway or stairwell, following the directional markings on the floor.

Parents must be available to return to school immediately if their child(ren)

are exhibiting any of the COVID related symptoms upon arrival to school.

Milne Grove

At Milne Grove, all students are dropped off at the front of the school and will walk to the designated entry door. Walking parents must leave their child at the queue.

Student entry doors by grade level:

K- Door C (rear, east corner of building)

1- Door B (front, east corner of building)

2- Door G (rear, west corner of building)

3- Door A (front, west corner of building)

Specialized transportation - Door B

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Kelvin Grove

At Kelvin Grove, parents may drop off using one of the three parking lots on campus. Student entry/exit doors by grade level:

4-Door #1

5-Door #3

6-Door #4

7-Door #5

8-Door #18 (between Door 4 and 5 - Old Oasis Entrance)

Specialized transportation-Door #11

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Dismissal and Leaving the School

Students will gather materials to be brought home for remote learning. Upon leaving the classroom, students will sanitize their hands at the sanitation station.

Staff will monitor students’ exit from the building. As they exit, students must maintain 6 feet of social distance between their peers as they await the arrival of a parent or guardian. Students that are walking will not be allowed to congregate and are expected to leave school grounds immediately. Masks must continue to be worn outside, as movement is not directed and may lead to close contact with others, until students are inside their vehicles or off school grounds.

Milne Grove

Students will proceed to their assigned exit door by walking on the right side of the hallway.

At Milne Grove, the plan is differentiated by grade level and mode of transportation. We will have plenty of staff outside to make sure children find their rides; please email Mrs. Koziol if you need an arrangement other than those listed below:


MG Car Riders:

3rd grade will exit out Door A to the front pick up line (west side)

1st grade will exit out Door B to the front pick up line (east side)

2nd grade will exit Door F to the rear pick up line

PK and K will exit Door E to the rear pick up line

MG Walkers:

Families that plan to meet their children on foot must not congregate at the exits. Instead, please wait on a yellow line on the sidewalk between Doors A and B at the front of the school.

Students who are walking alone will exit Door A or B depending on whether they are walking east or west on 7th.

Kelvin Grove

Students will proceed to their assigned exit door by walking on the right side of the hallway. At Kelvin Grove, the doors for entrance and exit will be the same.

Health Office Information

How do I submit my child's health certification BEFORE each in person attendance day?

Each day a student is scheduled to attend school in person, parents must complete the COVID symptom certification via Parent Square between the hours of 7:00 pm (the night prior) to 7:30 am (the day of attendance). Certification must be completed for each child in the household. Students will not gain entrance to the building without a completed symptom certification.

Please see the screenshot provided below. As you can see, the app provides a clickable button at the bottom of your screen (on the right for web users). Please complete this form for EACH child in your household that is attending in person. Families do not need to complete this step on remote learning days.

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Nurse Video

Medication Guidelines 2020

In the absence of a nurse to administer medication, Mrs. Dragosh and Ms. Brewer can administer any OTC medication at Milne Grove and Ms. Scott at Kelvin Grove. All prescribed medications must be given by an administrator:

Mrs. Koziol at Milne Grove

Ms. Rae at Milne and Kelvin Grove

Mr. Jennings at Kelvin Grove

Mr. Spencer at Kelvin Grove

Mrs. Gray at Kelvin Grove


Parents and Guardians,

School District 91 will be using the flow chart found below to determine quarantine and isolation procedures. Please note that we will only be notifying you if your student was a close contact of a positive COVID case. We will not be notifying you of COVID-like symptoms, only positive cases. If your child is showing symptoms of illness in the morning, please keep your child home. Contact either building school nurse to get further instructions on when your child can return to school.

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Contact Tracing Information

Please click on the link below to find out more about how contact tracing will be handled in D91.

Sample Notification Letter

See the link below for a sample COVID symptom notification letter.
School Reopening with COVID-19: Promote Healthy Behaviors

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Due to restrictions on eating in academic areas, students will not be consuming snack in their classrooms. We encourage a substantial breakfast to begin the day.

Breakfast & Lunch Ordering Information

Through the SFS Program, ALL D91 students eat for FREE through REGARDLESS OF INCOME.

THE MEALS ARE 100% FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS - All you need to do is OPT IN BY WEDNESDAY the 23rd for your child(ren) to receive:

  • In person meals on blended attendance days AND/OR
  • Meals to pick up for at home / remote learning days

Families that do not respond will be automatically opted in for meals on in person attendance days to ensure all children have a meal at school. To get started with this meal program, log into ParentSquare and complete the form or complete the paper form and return ASAP. You will not order meals by day, just say yes or no for the full month. Please see the attached menu.

FROM SEPT 28 - OCT 6th - students/guardians must pick up meals DAILY at Kelvin Grove OR Milne Grove (designate your pick up site on order form) between 9am and 10am. Also on these days, all students receiving lunch at school will be sent home with breakfast.

BEGINNING ON OCTOBER 7th, families will pick up ALL meals each Wednesday from 11:30am-12:30pm. Please click on the Fall 2020 D91 Meal Program link below for full details.

If you have questions, please contact:

Mrs. Dennis, Lunch Coordinator at Milne Grove
815-838-0542, ext. 2117

Mrs. Latham, Lunch Coordinator at Kelvin Grove
815-838-0737, ext. 1164


Menus & Overview

Blended & Remote Student Order Forms

Helping Your Child Succeed

KG Middle School Lunch Video

Parent Tech Toolkit

Over the last month, your child learned to:

  • Sign into their Chromebook/Chrome browser with their username and password
  • Navigate to a Google Classroom
  • Access a Google Meet

We want to ensure a successful transition to the blended model. Parents should make sure that they can check completed/missing work in Google classroom and assist their children with additional skills. Please see the links below for additional guidance and tutorials.

Tech Toolkit for Families and Guardians: Google Meet
Tech Toolkit for Families and Guardians: Google Classroom
For Students: Logging into Google Chrome

Parent Help Desk

D91 is offering a virtual "Help Desk" session on Friday, September 25th from 2:00-3:00 pm to assist with any questions involving blended instruction on the first in-person days of school.

Parents are welcome to join the video conference using the following Google Meet link or by phone:

Meeting ID


Phone Numbers

(‪US)‪+1 414-765-2829

PIN: ‪361 712 101#

Watch On Demand - September 18 Parent University - How to Access Your Child's Google Classroom & More

Parent University September 18

Picture Day 2020

Picture Day for Remote Students is scheduled for:

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 by appointment from 8:30am until 11:30am

Picture Day for Blended Students is scheduled for:

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - Friday, October 16, 2020

Milne Grove Picture Day ID: EVT2644VW

Kelvin Grove Picture Day ID: EVTB3MV29

D91 is excited to welcome your child back to school!

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