Cockcrocobys Are Lurking In These Shallow Waters

Please Be Aware

Cockcrocobys come up to the sea to breed in the Summer. They can be quite harmful if disturbed. They live in the hot, drier mainland in Autum and Winter. In Summer and Spring they come to the waters edge to breed and cool down. If you have not seen one, a picture of a cockcrocoby is on the left.

When First Seen, Where First Seen And How This Animal Came To Be

Wednesday, Dec. 9th 2009 at 10:30am

Casuarina Beach, Northern Territory, Australia


This animal was first seen at Casuarina Beach, in the Northern Territory at 10:30 am on the 12th September 2009 when it attcked a woman at the shore. We closed the beach and came back to the beach to studdy it in Autum to find not one was there. Someone reported seeing this creature and told us it was in the hot, dry mainlands of the Northern Territory. We have been doing research and have not quite found out how this animal formed. So far we think that a cockatiel mated with a bilby and adapted the crocodile's body. Below is an explanation of what happend.