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Palermo is in constant evolution. This Antique Buenos As neighbourhood, has been rediscovered in the late 90´s, and since then has been progressly transformed into the desing capital, and the most popular place to hang around and dine out.

Along its most popular districts, Palermo Soho, Palermo Botanico and Palermo Hollywood, each corner shows a particular mix of old houses from early XX and the latest trends, as we can see in its cafes, shops and graffiti street art.

In contrast, Palemo Chico and Palermo Viejo, the other two districts, show us the most elegant and traditional side of Palermo, in which there are also plenty of charming streets to explore.

Furthermore, this neighbourhood has one of the biggest Green áreas of the whole city, offering a perfect spot to work out, running, skating or biking around its forests and lakes, open seven days a week.