Fart in the cup Joe


Why (just why) exactly do we need to save the turkeys?

All around the world it rains. Wild turkeys are looking up at the sky and trying to drink the rain. They end up chocking on the rain and then dying. This is why we need your help!

Our Mission

We want to save our wild turkeys from passing away from "natural causes." We all know that turkeys get eaten on Thanksgiving or on a regular day basis but we want to reduce the times people eat them everyday. Next time you are eating turkey lunch meat or eating turkey on Thanksgiving, remember this, you are eating one of the greatest wildlife creatures there are. We are trying to create a large habitat to save the wild turkeys. It will hopefully be bigger than the biggest zoo in the world.

How you can help

You can help by either emailing me "I want to help" and then you can volunteer at our "shelter." But before you can even do that, we need you to help raise money for us to help build a shelter. Please click the donate link and you will be a life changer. Thanks so much for donating and just know, you just saved a turkeys life!

Emailing info

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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