Multilingual Mustangs

March/April Edition

Our Purpose

To communicate up-to-date information and strategies on English Learner instruction with all stakeholders at Russell Cave Elementary.

Our Mission

Ensure a positive, all inclusive environment by providing our linguistically and culturally diverse students with research-based strategies, accommodations, and culturally responsive instruction to promote success in and out of the classroom.

RCE EL Happenings and Celebrations

-We are excited to announce that Russell Cave will be piloting a new formative assessment tool called Flashlight 360. This platforms helps students in the areas of speaking and writing- which are consistently our two lowest components. As we become more familiarized with the platform ourselves we will begin sharing and rolling this out not only in small groups but in whole group as well!

-We are scheduled to get this year's ACCESS scores back by the end of April. We can't wait to dive into this data and see the growth our mustangs made!

-Our EL spring report cards will be going home to families this month. These will be due on April 24th.

-Spring RFEP Monitoring Forms should have been emailed out Monday, April 10th. These are due on April 24th. Please reach out if you need help completing these.

-We will be at an EL Training the morning of April 17th. We will back at 12 and will run afternoon schedules.

-As we count down the days to the end of the year, please let us know how we can help you and our students!

~EL Team


Orton Gillingham Resources- For at Home Practice

Use this link to view some OG resources. These resources are sorted by grade level and will help your student become fluent readers. If you have questions or need any materials to help your child at home please reach out and let us know.

Flashlight 360

Flashlight 360 is a tool that allows students to showcase their speaking and writing skills in a fun and engaging way, which gives us teachers a better understanding of the needs of their language acquisition. We will begin using this program in our EL small groups as well as with everyone in the whole group setting to review concepts and help build background knowledge. Students can access this tool from home through the Clever page. Please get on and check it out with your child.

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

April is Celebrate Diversity Month! We are blessed here at RCE to have a diverse population rich in culture and traditions. We currently have students from Central Africa, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico!

We will be celebrating many of these cultures and traditions at our Children's Day Celebration on Thursday, April 27th!

Teacher Resources

GALE-eLibrary- Check It Out!

Have you heard of GALE? GALE is an eLibrary full of professional books that our district has purchased, which means FREE access for all of us! You must also be logged in with your FCPS email address to access the platform.

Multilingual Learner Library

The EL department has partnered with the Technology department to create an eLibrary specific to working with multilingual learners. Click here for access! All of the resources are FREE. Reminder, you will have to be logged in with your FCPS email address to access the platform.

Translating Documents-Including PDF's!

Shout out to Ms. Hardy and Ms. Boyechko for sharing this AMAZING hack!

Go to google translate and actually click on the link. At the top left will have options for Text, Images, Documents, and Website. Click on documents and you can upload your file! It will translate a word or PDF document! Sorry if you already knew this and I'm just behind the times.

Articles to Read at your Leisure!

The English Learner Population Is Growing. Is Teacher Training Keeping Pace?

Get inspired by Ileana Najarro's thought-provoking piece on addressing the growing English learner population and the call for professional development training to support

educators and multilingual learners (EdWeek).

PBL and ELs: An Essential Practice for Equity and Digital-Age Teaching

Project-based learning (PBL) provides authentic learning experiences that help ELs acquire content knowledge while also developing their language and literacy skills. Check out the article here.