Chemical Reactions Poster

By: Frank Isovski

Copper and Silver Nitrate

Chemical reaction AgNO3+Cu (copper and silver nitrate)


Chemical Equation for the reaction: AgN03+Cu---->Cu(NO3)2+AG

This chemical reaction shows Copper and Silver Nitrate, and this is a single replacement chemical reaction. In this video it basically explains the process of Silver Nitrate with Copper to make Copper Nitrate and silver. It shows how the copper is turning black when it its in the solution.

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Chemical Volcano

Chemical volcano


The chemical volcano is a decomposition reaction. In this video Ammonium dichromate decomposes when heated creating a green chromium(III) oxide, nitrogen and water. The chemical reaction for this reaction is (NH4)2Cr207----->Cr203 + N+ H20.

Sodium reacts with water and hydrochloric acid

04 - Sodium reacts with water and hydrochloric acid


This chemical reactions shows how Sodium reacts with water and hydrochloric acid. This is a single replacement reactions. Na + H2O --> NaOH +H2. This video showed me that the way they balanced it is cutting the hydrogen in half on the products side,

Chemical reaction equation: Na + H2O --> NaOH + 1/2H2