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WHEN ONLY GOD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE: A Chronological Account Depicting the Life of Rashid Brown

Moments in Jamaica: Put Your Armor On!
It was 1975 when Rashid Brown was born to be a new, bright and shining light in the world. This story begins in Las Vegas, Nevada, where an economically challenged single mother of five children, sought out to raise her family in the best way she knew how at the time. A high school drop out and surface worker in the construction industry, she went on raising her children, by her own means. She was kept from seeing part of her family, by a mentally abusive man that she co-parented two children with. Young and lacking the resources of knowing how to raise a child with special needs, she found herself with Rashid Brown, a child who by no stretch of the imagination, was considered gifted & talented, but it was quite the opposite. Rashid was born with a speech impediment, as lack of oxygen to the brain during gestation at child birth. He was labeled through, to fifth grade, as learning-impaired. He stammered over words and found it much easier to simply stop speaking. As a matter of fact, it was his fourth grader teacher, Ms. Tara that said he would probably never speak. Like many of our children who are misunderstood and miscategorized by a cookie-cutter system, and a 'one size fits all' education standard, he was immersed in to special education and placed with a speech pathologist.

Many people do not have accessible information on how to deal with special needs children, and lumping them all into a group setting that will cause them to under-perform is absolutely not the answer. It was bad enough that the streets of Las Vegas happened to be teaching Rashid and his siblings a thing or two, but he now had a label. It is not uncommon for children who battle with any type of special need to be taunted and bullied at school, but young Rashid had a speech impediment and this often caused children to attempt to harm him. Unlike his other siblings, he refused to fight. He just knew that could lead to no good. He saw it all around him. His brother would often fight on his behalf.

His mother had no knowledge of what to do to help young Rashid. She was, at the time engaged in her own nefarious activities that wound up having her incarcerated for some time, as she suffered with a drug addiction. This, of course, is not the end of her story either. It is more like the beginning. Rashid was held back in school, for a year, as he was observed to not be matriculating as he should have. His inability to socialize was likely the cause of this misdirection, the plot from here thickens.

6th grade was a climatic turning point for young Rashid, as he was re-tested and, miraculously, was no longer the slow and stammering child they originally thought him to be. No in fact, he tested to be a bit of a genius. In seventh grade, his special need turned out to be that he was really quite gifted and talented, leaving the special ed classes, for AP (Accelerated Placement) and DS (Distinguished Scholars) courses; this can be summarized as collegiate level science, math, technology and energy baccalaureate courses for the gifted and talented. He clearly qualifies for randomly amazing.

This story literally brought me to tears, because it hit home - with my younger siblings. It was not that Rashid Brown was retarded or slow, at all. Rashid was underchallenged in his educational experience, and because the system is designed not to catch those children. He fell through the cracks, but luckily not to his demise. He was pulled out due to the greatness that was being placed before him.

This tale gets better and better. Not only was Rashid exceptionally gifted, but he was put on a fast track through the medical profession in junior high through high school. The year long program, Medical Explorers, went through the school year, as well as the Summer break. They were given special clearance to study, neuroscience, anatomy and physiology on human cadavers. He was even involved in hands on training with the birthing processes. He almost reminds you of, that early 90's television show, "Doogie Howser, M.D.". He would have been well-prepared for medical school, but as luck would have it, the support system was not in place to continue on in the program through college, and he was left wondering how his higher education would be paid for. His mother, though pulling herself up, was having a few financial battles and was unable to aid him with the financial side of his future. This was a time by which Brown had no earthly idea what to do to get into a college, much less how to pay for it. There was no one who went to college before him to consult. Yet, GOD created a pathway. He was the first of his family to attend any type of college. Through his journey with his newly-relished intellect, he was found to be a stellar musician from the age of 10, performing with the Nevada School of the Arts. At 13, he was on the road with the Nevada Symphony Orchestra, and was continuously scouted by musical conservatories. Now, he is gifted and brilliant.

Rashid Brown has gifts that have made ways for him and brought him before great people. By 1994, he had no idea of how to pay for medical school, but he was told that being a well-rounded student would look better on his records. Since he was already an extremely-gifted bassist, Rashid was admitted to one of the top liberal arts schools in the South. Loyola University of New Orleans is the southern equivalent to an Ivy League college like Harvard. Loyola U., of course, wanted Rashid because of his outstanding record in music. He was just that good. Throughout college, he was the lead bassist in all of the symphonies and orchestras that he played. By his senior year, he was informed that his funds ran out because he was classified as an out-of-state student, which, of course, means that he would be charged twice as much as an in-state student. Without funding and no money from home, Rashid searched far and wide for something affordable and reputable. He wound up heading to Georgia State University. Over the next two and a half years Brown not only paid his own way through college, he entered into new majors because he was more advanced than the courses offered at GSU, though it would not enhance his musical growth. He did, however, float through the music program until he realized that there was no way for him to grow there. His focus turned to majoring in sociology, specialized disability and giftedness.

He was now paying his way through school, and as he entered the business world, he knew that he would wind up having to become an owner and contributor to commerce after learning the inner workings of corporate America. He now educates people about how to operate within the confines of the corporate galaxy and preparing them for the coming changes of the future. Can one man really do all of these different functions? I would bet someone would say, by the grace of God. The list of professional gifts and talents are numerous for Rashid Brown. Notably, as a champion of small business, and an advocate of children's rights, career consultant, author, business owner/entrepreneur, business accelerator, lecturer, accomplished musician, promoter of the arts, adoptive parent, master of personal development and a carrier of the gospel. The list is extensive, and it does not stop there. Rashid could truly have eight arms and do more, he is that powerful an energy source.

Rashid's mother came from a large family that she had to care for and that hindered her from doing as well as she liked to in school. "She work three jobs to keep us together fighting to beat a habit and men who abused her. "I remember her working tirelessly three jobs at time. She just refused to fail." At a youthful age 40, Rashid's mother attained GED, to better her life for better development, and then went on to vocational school earning multiple certificates as a medical transcriptionist and as a certified tax preparer. If you know anything about the medical industry, she should have never been able to work in the medical field, but because of God's mercy, she was given a second chance and now, she is a highly esteemed professional as an LPN. She also is a business owner and Entrepreneur like her son Rashid. What a triumphant comeback.

Thanks to his life experience, he sought out to educate others on the miscategorized youth of a US education system that, in itself, is retarded. He is now working with several organizations that aid in supporting children and adults with special needs and finding better ways to educate them. He has been awarded for his committed service to making right the things that were, for his early stages of life, out of order. GOD is never wrong; all things work together for the good, and his struggle was purposed to make his story that much stronger for others that will need to hear it. He has now authored a book, "Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development and Employment Success in the 21st Century. This book is on sale now, worldwide, in 130 stores, 1300 book retailers. You can get your copy online via NOOK, Kobe, eReaders, OS/MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android

http://youtu.be/52UYs0sPa4Y http://youtu.be/op87jaD39Gw

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Here are some places where you may see Rashid Brown or may have already seen or heard him speak or render musical selections: Better You Network, Good Morning Atlanta, All Things Considered Multi-Award-Winning Author/Master Trainer (published Careergonomics) featured on NPR, Atlanta TV 57, WSB-TV Channel 2 (Atlanta), GAVoice, SOVO and Atlanta Daily World.

This is a direct quote from his website: "Accomplished author. Internationally sought-after conference speaker and workshop facilitator. Social entrepreneur. Preventionist. Success coach to executives. Purpose Adviser. Organizational culture change specialist. Corporate trainer. Recipient of numerous awards, citations and honors. Motivational consultant and mentor to pro athletes. Multiculturally astute, with presence in 40+ countries. Critical transformation coach. Philanthropist. Book publisher. Award-winning peacemaker. Recognized globally as a strategist in helping others unlock their full potential. A solutionist. Passionate about dynamic, fun-filled excellence. Technology enthusiast. Quirky singer and odd dancer. A life motivated by passion. Named Outstanding Georgia Citizen by the State of Georgia Office of the Secretary of State; Best of Business Atlanta for Business Consulting by the Small Business Development Community and 101 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For by National Association For Business Resources."

His credits include awards from the Neighbor Newspapers - Recipient of the Legacy of Excellence Award, Minority Small Business Award, Congressional Merit of Honor, as well as a citation from the Maryland House of Delegates.

Written by Monica aka Cairo Qween

Edited by Steve Byrd

Author Rashid Brown On Atlanta Live!


Digital Afro Media Feat Walk Thru


If once a upon a time the only way that you could see video content was via analog television, I am now ready to blow your mind! You can now have an IMAX experience right in your home thanks to inventor Stephen Brown, also known as the Digital Afro. You will find out that Stephen Brown is not just a techie - novice like myself, but much more - he is brilliant with a heavy passion for getting real information to people. I am a huge advocate of information distribution, so I wanted everyone to know what I know about this genius, Stephen Brown.

1980, in our nation's capital of Washington, District of Columbia, Ivy Brown gave birth to birth to a baby boy, Stephen Brown. She was not only a promoter of academic excellence, but she herself earned a Doctorate in Education. After the passing of his father, at age two, Mrs. Brown, an assistant school principal, focused heavily on the intelligently stimulating her children. Academia was always of major importance to Stephen Brown. Attending St. John's High School, he went on to graduate from the University of Maryland 2001, majoring in Computer Science. He then went on to attend The Georgia Institute of Technology. From there, he went on to work in the Production department at Black Entertainment Television (BET). Mr. Brown is an exceptionally talented musician, singer and songwriter himself, playing multiple instruments. As a Creative Art Director and Producer, he has worked with the entertainment industry's top names, doing everything from video production, to writing songs for groups such as Jagged Edge and artist from Disney.

After tragedy struck the United States in the worst domestic crisis ever to hit this land since Pearl Harbor, the entertainment industry, along with most businesses, began to change. He really started to notice the switch to digital back when companies like Napster and Morpheus entered the market, changing the way people obtained their music and movies. Although the industry already had a game of politics being played, the new dynamic of downloads began to shift the paradigm. Circa 2007, Brown started to view his love for music as more of a hobby and less of a career. His mind shifted to digital and watching Google, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, Ebay, MySpace, and other booming technology companies rising and making (at the time) millions of people engage socially, he started to change his vision to his original training - technology.

Brilliant is the man that can see a need and find the solution that is well-received. Mr. Brown began to see the need for rappers and singers to now go viral; they needed websites and to put music online. He was able to accommodate. Digital media salvaged the careers of many artists and icons. While still producing video and web content, he has shifted to full innovation and development of high-tech products. He has taken the leap into the tech world and wants to see more active participation in the technology industry.

Going back a couple of years, Brown entered into a contest for technology ideas by suggestion of his old boss, Cliff Oxford. He met a group from and eventually partnered with IDBiometrics, a company that makes a stellar facial recognition product that far surpasses any of its kind currently on the market at this time. After becoming a company shareholder, he tweaked the code and enhanced the product with new ideas, and has aided in making this product extremely viable. He was able to use his connections at the White House and Pentagon to have this product viewed for consideration by the highest levels of our government. http://idbiometricsinc.com/

Facial recognition software is the best way to ensure security via the highest functioning technology, biometric encryption. This technology involves fingerprint matching, retinal identification, handheld scanners, onsite identification and point matching. The best part of this technology is the way that it works. A person looks directly into a screen which has a camera that able to gauge a stable view, and then points in the face are identified to match up with a database of photos that could match the image. That is how it usually works. The IDBiometrics facial recognition product can identify a face at a 99.99% accuracy, from a 100 ft. range. No other facial recognition product can claim to identifying 50 matched points in the face and searching up to 100,000 faces per second. Most software only matches 15 points of accuracy. The team works non - stop updating the software to meet ever changing security needs.

Being intelligence about technology in this day and age is just as important as knowing how to manipulate the technology. The government has a lot of technology out there that already exists, yet the general public is completely unaware of. It is important for people to know about products being released around the world. With that knowledge, you are able to choose what action you want to take in protecting yourself, your family and your future. Brown said, "I am a big advocate for the public knowing what is out there." Brown now is now charging the African - American community with an agenda to upgrade its intelligible content. He wants to see the African - American community become more educated and involved in the world of technology. "It's sort of like 'The Matrix'", Brown says, "there is this whole other world out there that people are totally unconscious of." The goal for Digital Afro is to expose more minorities to science and technology.
(section 1) www.digitalafro.com (section 2) www.digitalafro.com/media/video

Digital Afro creates this information in an engaging media format. Mr. Brown has observed a few things that the African - American culture has wrapped itself around. He said, "Minorities are heavily inundated with sports and entertainment only and no real technology based information." Even though most African - Americans use technology on a daily basis, 99% of African - American blogs don't cover technology at all. The coolness of Digital Afro is to expose the African-American communities to the utter coolness of science & technology.

As of October 9, 2013, the date of this interview, Digital Afro has been drawing 30,000 unique visits a month. At this point there are around 5,000 visits on Digital Afro News and around 3,000 to Digital Afro Media. The site has over 10,000 videos in 100 categories; 15 of those categories are on the news site. On the media site you have unique categories like, LOL (Laugh Out Loud), the comedy section. There are plenty of laughs available there. Categorizing videos much easier to find.

The Digital Afro News side offers high-end coverage unlike any other. The user is exposed to an innovative way to deliver the news. Making a way to communicate the inner pulse of technology to the African - American population, Mr.Brown will be known as an icon for ground-breaking world progression of technology as our country catches up with the rest of the world in technological innovation.

The user can expect to come to www.digitalafro.com and experience shock and awe every single time they visit the site. They will notice and question many of the site's special effects and ask, "Is That Real?" There is a special element found only on Digital Afro that really takes the user to an all new viewing experience, and that is the innovation of Media Environments. The Media Environment experience does not only just show videos, it matches the backgrounds based on an algorithm that pulls from various factors, not limited to tag words, color and length of time on the site. It is just like seeing the future of video, television and film.

Brown has worked on this picture - in - picture Media Environment since January 21, 2013, and started the Media site, a few months after, in May of 2013. He hand-wrote, by himself, over 700 different articles on technology for the site. He continues to do research daily, and writes articles to enhance the user experience while keeping the site up -to- date. It has been quite amazing for Mr. Brown, to have been given this type of support he has been given from the digital world, adding his site to others sites as an affiliate, or featured as advertising banners.

Every day, there are more stories about the billions of dollars going into technology. Stephen Brown is leading the way to the Promised Land, much like the historic, iconic leaders Martin Luther King, Jr., and Moses, except I am sure he will get to realize the benefits of his labors. It is indeed a labor of love trying to get the word out about something that is not exactly a mainstream topic for the people. Together I believe we can achieve great strides in communicating the message that technology, robotics, space exploration and innovation are for everyone. Click on any or all of the links attached here to some very cool features inside the Digital Afro wbsite. Click on several links attached in this segment.

Look forward to hearing more on Digital Afro and Stephen Brown here on the blog and soon on television and web shows. This is only the introduction. He has so much more to share.

Use the hashtag Digital Afro ( #DigitalAfro) and learn to use this to simple technique to push your web post information to pages that are set up to reflect your topic.

- Written by Cairo Qween
- Edited by Steve Byrd

South Fulton, Good Things - August 2013



A dynamic embodiment of art, The Elegant Myrna Clayton, is flawless in her onstage presentation, sharing her gift of live music, to all that care to hear. Capturing the hearts of every audience she encounters internationally or domestically, The Elegant Myrna Clayton, is a stellar performer for all eyes to see and every ear to indulge. Singing to intimate crowds or tens of thousands, they all stand up to recognize the true entertainer by shouting, "Encore"!

A branded singer/songwriter, bandleader, studio-session singer and featured vocalist for Big Band and Jazz Orchestras, Myrna is quite versatile in her skill sets. Audiences come for an all new experience in live music and entertainment. She literally excites the crowd. With every part of her body engaged in the performance, there is never a dull moment watching her grace the stage.

Any style of music will do, but you will see Myrna shine when she is singing with her jazzy flare. Smooth Jazz, Classical Jazz and Contemporary Listening. Some fans describe her voice as seasoned. Myrna just says that she brings out the "flavor"! Each word is interpreted in a way that delivers clarity of the message with profound insight and resounds with the soul. Fueled by a spiritual calling, Myrna’s true passion is to sing and use her gifts to INSPIRE the world!

At the core, Myrna is a 21st Century Jazz singer! She does it all Pop, Soul, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Blues/Country and all forms of Jazz (Standards, Contemporary and Smooth!) Myrna is a versatile Singer of American Culture! Traversing stages in the United States, Myrna has performed in England, Gospel tours throughout France and across Germany. Most recently, she returned touring and recording in Nigeria, West Africa.

'Her Elegance' is determined to fight for equality and create opportunities for people who are differently abled. She, along with her nonprofit Abel 2, Inc., recently dedicated her song, “MY SHINING MOMENT” (co-written by Clarence "CB" Bell), at the 2012 Army Ten Miler in support of Wounded Warriors for the Wounded Warrior Games in 2013 and Beyond. Most importantly to Myrna is the Arts for under served audiences. Abel 2, Inc's mission is to meet the needs of under served populations through Music and Art while seeking to protect the Environment - the foundation of music and art. Her organization targets under served communities, not limited to, the disabled (differently able), orphans, seniors, prisoners, and chronically ill children with their siblings and homeless.

There is nothing that can be compared to her live performance! Her band, "The Myrna Clayton Experience", have a true fervor to hypnotize audiences with each stellar performance, touch the lives of listening audiences and inspire them to make a difference in the world in which we live, one enchanting performance after another! Her performance line-up is vast, Myrna has performed at festivals, religious and non-religious conferences, homeless shelters, Senior Centers and Prisons, both domestic and abroad. Her act has opened for numerous named artists and national acts. Ready for a worldwide tour, "The Myrna Clayton Experience" is poised to make every music event a memorable experience!


I personally have had the pleasure of working with this lady and she is remarkable. I will take this chance to brag on her because she is a pretty humble person so I will toot the horn for her. She really has a way of communicating with the audience in a way not seen, that many other performers have not yet blossomed to achieving. This is something she could literally train others in because her gift infuses the soul, but her energy on stage really makes you want to come back and see her over and over again. She is also a snazzy dresser, which for me is a plus - I like to see people dressed up when they perform.

She uses her gift for good works. She is not only an artist, singer, sanger, songbird, entertainer, song-writer and performer, but a humanitarian supporter of the differently abeled. She is also highly professional and ruins you for other entertainers because she is on her mark and excellent with doing her part, that is why I picked THE ELEGANT MYRNA CLAYTON as my first Randomly Amazing Person. She is and outstanding performer and more people should know about her.

The flyer above will show you the her annual Jazz concert at Mable House Barnes Amphitheater, that is this Saturday, September 28th. Whatever you pay, it will be well worth your money because you are guaranteed to enjoy your self.

Myrna Clayton-Lovin' You Psalms



Published song lyrics for other artists:




Myrna's 1st CD entitled: Lessons In The Language Of Love

An Inspirational Jazz CD - Song Titles include:

- Lovin' You Psalms

- How Great Thou Art

- Chosen

- I Gotta Thing For You

- When The Son Comes Down

- I Know I Got Religion

- The Vine

- Peace On Earth

- Morning By Morning

- Whatever You Need

- My Man

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