Harriet Martineau

Morgan Meyers pd8

religion is a temper, not a pursuit.


i want to be a free rover on the breezy common of the universe.

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Whats on your mind....

thinking of writing a new novel but i don't know what to make it about. maybe i could do it about feminism and the oppression of women.....
women should have more voting rights and we deserve a higher education!!
@auguste_comte: society can be improved!! we must work together to succeed :))

@herbertspencer: i believe that you are extremely wrong in your beliefs

@kmarx: i dont understand what youre on about

@emiledurk: teach me some of your techniques pleaseeee!!!!!

@mweber: verstehen :)))

@jaddams: feminist friends till the end

@DuBois: dm me. i would like to ask some questions because you interest me.

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