Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 4

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preparing for PARCC- Learn the Acronyms

PBA (Performance Based Assessment)

This assessment will take place in March.

This test will have items that must be hand scored as well as machine scored items.

Types of ELA (English Language Arts) questions on the PBA

- PCR (Prose Constructed Response): Essay

- EBSR (Evidence-Based Selected-Response)
  • Multiple Choice
  • Two-part paired questions, second questions evidence to arrive at previous answer
- TECR (Technology Enhanced Constructed Response)
  • Two or three-part questions: comprehension question then return to text and manipulate it.

Types of Math Questions on the PBA

- Type I: Concepts, skills and procedure type questions are machine scored.
- Type II: Expressing mathematical reasoning is machine and hand scored.
- Type III: Modelling/application in real-world context is machine and hand scored.

Teach Skills for PARCC Online Test

For more information, check out the PARCC site.

Classroom of the Week: Mrs. Smith's 2nd Grade

Student Driven Learning

One of the big pushes in education at the moment is student driven learning. We are excited that this concept is working within our own Jersey #100 district. This week's spotlight classroom is Mrs. Barb Smith's. Students became the teacher this week while working on a non-fiction research project. Students selected non-fiction books based on their interest and created presentations using Google Presentation. Not only did they present on their topics, many students took the initiative to demonstrate to other students how to log into Google Drive and create presentations.