Finding the Slope of a Line

This flyer will show you how to find the slope of a line

What is slope?

Slope is how much a line goes up or down between two points. Imagine that you have a graph, and there are two points on it. What is the slope in between those two points? Well, that's what I'm teaching you today!

How to find slope

There is a formula for almost everything in math, and the equation for slope is shown below.
Big image

How to use the Equation

To use the equation, you take the two points on the graph, and put them into the equation. The y2 value is the y value of the second coordinate. The y1 value is the y value of the first coordinate. The x2 value is the x value of the second coordinate. I think you get it now. And so then you put those values into the equation and you're left with a fraction. This is the slope of the line between the two points.