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May 2016


Liz Pfister


Formative is a quiz builder along the same vein as Socrative or Kahoot. Teachers create assessments from scratch right in the Formative platform, or upload an existing PDF or Word document and build a quiz from there. Students access the assessments by entering a class code on their own devices. Something different about Formative is that as students take the assessments, the teacher can look at his or her own device and see what each student is writing simultaneously. This short video will give you a LOT more information about using this assessment tool. Formative runs on any internet connected device and is free for use by teachers and students.

Provided by Kim Lochbaum from Masburn Elementary

About Formative


Karen Quick

Resources, Links and experts....Oh My!

As we approach the end of school, I thought a wrap up of resources, links and expert advice from some gifted gurus, in the field, would be helpful. Whether you are planning for next year or trying to finish out this year, critical thinking activities, creativity or real world application might be just what you are looking for to satisfy those high fliers! Let me know if you'd like to explore or discuss them and I'll be happy to meet with you!


Amber Lamb

Settles Bridge Intervention Central

When selecting research-based interventions, many of you look to Intervention Central. In addition to housing great, free resources for interventions creator, Jim Wright, has excellent videos to walk you through the implementation of these interventions. Articles are another resource this site provides. Click or Clunk used for reading comprehension and Cover-Copy-Compare used for both math and spelling/sight words are two examples of interventions provided by Intervention Central. During our RTI / Data Team meetings, it has been requested to have a place to reference interventions. The difficulty in creating such a resource is deciding on appropriate interventions isn't limited to a chart where all students struggling with a particular standard or skill need the same approach in becoming more proficient. This is why the conversations you all have in these meetings help to identify the best strategies to put in place. I have started a document titled Settles Bridge Intervention Central to help identify the programs and resources we have available. Hopefully this is a form that will continue to expand as resources are purchased. As we utilize Intervention Central more frequently, we can add to our list of favored interventions. Hopefully looking at some of the inventions listed you will be reminded interventions don't have to be complicated, but rather consistent over time.


Megan Reimbold


It’s that time of year again when teachers, parents and librarians are in a frenzy to find creative ways to encourage students to keep reading throughout the summer. I am just looking for a hammock in the shade to go with my book and iced tea.

Although we all want children to challenge themselves with Lexile levels, maybe the most important part of the equation is that they are reading. Personally, I encourage my own children to read any type of book they want on a topic that interests them. I find that they naturally gravitate to their own level, but they don’t feel pressured by assigned or required reading. I do get to hear them complain about the “boring” book they were assigned to read for middle or high school. I know, how bad could it really be? Nevertheless, they complain about any book that is assigned.

Hopefully, with summer access to our e-book catalog, and our fabulous county libraries, our students won’t have any trouble finding interesting and engaging books to read over the summer. I have mini flyers or word documents ready to share with you explaining the how-to of our e-book catalog. Please let me know if you would like this information.

I have included some super-fun links to summer reading studies, some coming from my point of view that reading is reading, and free choice is just as good as assigned. I understand the importance of the Lexile challenge, but when that is the first requirement, it feels more like a summer long homework assignment. So, when you have finished your beach book this summer and are looking for some brilliant persuasive writing, follow these links for exciting research on summer and free choice reading for children. - free choice reading effects - Independent Reading - should schools require summer reading

On a more pro-active note, Scholastic has a new format for their summer reading program. Students can log their reading time, and even earn rewards set by their parents. Parents and students must create an account on the Scholastic website to participate in this program. NOTE: I recommend using Internet Explorer to access Scholastic’s site (I was not able to get links to work with Chrome). Also, this program begins May 9 and ends in mid-September.

Just follow this link to get started:

1.Because of Mr. Terupt – Rob Buyea

2.Mr. Terupt Falls Again – Rob Buyea

3.Saving Mr. Terupt – Rob Buyea

4.Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling

5.A Dog’s Life – Ann M. Martin

6.How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found – Sara Nickerson

7.The Mighty Miss Malone – Christopher Paul Curtis

8.Bud, Not Buddy – Christopher Paul Curtis

9.Anything else you can find by Christopher Paul Curtis – I really like his writing!!

10.Any juvenile book by Meg Cabot

11.Al Capone Does My Shirts – Gennifer Choldenko

12.Anything in the Al Capone Does…. Series by Gennifer Choldenko

13.Just about anything by Jerry Spinelli

14.Wonder – R.J. Palacio

15.Roald Dahl books

16.Lightning Thief Series – Rick Riordan

17.The President Has Been Shot – Rebecca C. Jones

18.Chasing Lincoln’s Killer – James L. Swanson

19.Rush Revere Series – by Rush Limbaugh (history buffs will enjoy)

20.Autobiographies – there are A LOT of cool people in this world!

21.Calvin & Hobbs Comic Books – Bill Watterson

22.Fox Trot Comic Books – by Bill Amend

23.Joey Pigza Series – by Jack Gantos

24.Like sports stories? – try Matt Christopher Books

25.Scary Stories? – try Skeleton Man Series by Joseph Bruchac

I hope you find this information helpful and useful. Please let me know if you have any questions about our e-book catalog, or if I can be of assistance in any way.

Happy Summer (reading)!