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February Newsletter

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Dawn Strange, and I am a Senior Team Leader (STL) with Origami Owl. You are receiving this newsletter because you are a member of one of the four levels of my downline. I try to send out up-dates, training opportunities, ways to earn incentives, and much more!

If you have a Facebook account and have not been added to the Owl Be Dangled group please ask your mentor to add you. This group is managed by Lindsey Nuttall, our Director (my mentor). The group is a great way to communicate with other designers on our larger team (600+).

Please remember your mentor should be your first point of contact for advice, questions, problems, etc. Mentors, please take a moment to reach out to each member of your first line to check-in and show support. Also, please remember to login to your Back Office on a regular basis to view the webinars, read the up-dates, and view the product availability list. All of this information is available in the O2 Lounge (make sure you subscribe to each blog, so the updates are readily available to you).

Have a great month and an {AMAZING} 2014,

Dawn Strange


Growing by Leaps and Bounds

I know it has been FOREVER since I have sent out the newsletter and welcomed all of the designers that took that life-changing step to start their Origami Owl business. At this time last year, there were only 14 designers in my downline, and today there is 84. WOW! I would just like to say welcome to an {AMAZING} company and team.
  • September welcomed: Courtney Soren, Gabriela Salas, Maria Marshall, Jennifer Edmonds, Kristen Skelly, Kelly Santos, Raelene Chaney, Tamara Travers, Kimberly Hiner, Danita Jenkins, Gina Pena, Jenna Coniglio, Tammy Morris, Heather Limoli, Dara Howard, Lucia Stephens, Echo Roney, and Shawnie Hernandez.
  • October welcomed: Joanna Marin, Kirsten Carlson, Lynette Algiers, Phuong Luu, and Jessica Hadjis
  • November welcomed: Shasta Carbajal, Sacha Kelly. Elizabeth Holcomb, Leana Markes, Nichole Evans, Melissa Rodgers, and Destani Hernandez
  • December welcomed: Tina Burks, Casey Lockmillerm Cathy Parada, Rebecca Soliz, Nancy Hinojosa, and Diane Anaya
  • January welcomed: J Rodriguez, Tara Lemons, Shirley Vasquez, Caroline Lyons, Marilyn Bishop, and Deanna Tucker
  • February welcomed: janet Lyons and Arlene Cody


It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year (plus some =)
Celebrated in 2013=> Dawn Strange, Alicia Coppola, Dawn Branson, Veronica Flores
January 2014=>Heather Kennedy, Melissa Quesada, Cera Rodriguez, Ashley Kirschman, Shelly Bloom, Sylvia Bustillos,
February 2014=>Elodia Guzman, Shawnna Jackson, and Ana Lilia Flores-Gutierrez (tomorrow), Karen Burnette and Carolyn Sleeper, Amanda McKinnon, Cindy Child, Priscilla Norman, Tarrah Davis

Our Wonderful Leaders and Mentors

I just wanted to take a second to THANK our designers that have expanded their teams and shared this WONDERFUL opportunity with others. Thank you for BUILDING your BUSINESS and MENTORING your TEAM.

Senior Team Leaders
: Alicia Coppola and Veronica Flores
Team Leaders: Rajean Long and Tarrah Davis
Leading Designers: Dawn Branson, Shelly Bloom, Ashley Kirschman, Heather Kennedy, Heather Limoli, and Grace Holland

*I know that there are more wonderful mentors in this group that have just not promoted yet. Check out the CAREER COACH in the Back Office under Reporting to see what it takes to get to the next level. I have also attached a copy (click below) of the CAREER PATH as a reference. Contact your mentor or myself if you have questions.
Career Path

Make sure you are signed in to the Back Office and then click here to open the Career Path

February Incentive!!!

February Incentive:

For this month, the incentive winners will be chosen through random.org. Entries can be earned in the month by sales, building your team, and promoting. You will be awarded 1 entry for every $99 in PV, 1 entry for adding a designer to your 1st line, 1 entry for promoting, Two lucky designers in my downline (levels 1-4) and One lucky designer in my 1st line will be awarded this fabulous locket display.

Origami Owl Policies and Procedures

Make sure you are signed in to the Back Office and then please click on the link to open the company Policy and Procedures.

O2 Policy & Procedures Quick Reference Guide

Make sure you are signed in to the Back Office and then please click the link to view the Quick Reference Guide

Policies and Procedures Review

It is important to READ and REVIEW the Policies and Procedures, because violating them may cost you your Origami Owl business. Here are some of the key points (please also refer to the 2 links I have posted). This is your business, so please be in the KNOW!
  • Business cards MUST be purchased from Flyers Direct (https://flyersdirect.com.origamiowl), we cannot print elsewhere.
  • Designer created materials with the Origami Owl logo MUST be submitted for approval to marketing@origamiowl.com.
  • Designers are NOT permitted to sell items on ebay, craigslist, or any other online site.
  • Designers are NOT permitted to sell items for more than the price listed in the catalogs...this includes limited edition and retired product.
  • Designers are NOT permitted to sell non-Origami Owl products on their displays (tables) at vendor events, home parties, etc.
  • At events, designers are only allowed to represent 1 company at a time.


Please make sure that you are aware of your current Personal Volume (pv). In order to stay an Active Designer with Origami Owl, you are required to have a pv of $199 every 6 months. Personal Volume (pv) is the cost we pay for product, not the retail amount.When you login to your Back Office, you will see your 6 month pv (it will increase or decrease every month). You will also notice the active until date will update each month.

Make sure you are signed in to the Back Office and then click on the link to direct you to the FAQs about PayQuicker, including how to sign up to receive your card. ALL Origami Owl commissions are deposited onto the PayQuicker card.

Trainings and Events You Won't Want to MISS!

Owl Be Dangled Training Dinner

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 6-8:30pm

32971 Yucaipa Blvd

Yucaipa, CA

$20 per person, must prepay ahead of time. Send PayPal payment to teacherlindz@gmail.com

Owl Be Dangled - Spring Launch Meeting (option 1)

Saturday, March 8th, 10am-1pm

3191 Mission Inn Ave

Riverside, CA

Hosted by Origami Owl Director Lindsey Nuttall

Don't miss this SPECIAL Event. Directors ALL over the country will be holding meetings with tons of business information to help you succeed in 2014. PLUS it will serve as our official SPRING (catalog/product) LAUNCH MEETING! We will all be able to come together to collaborate, meet new designers, and sneak a peek at the new catalog.

Max attendance: 150
Cost: $25 includes lunch
Send PayPal payment to teacherlindz@gmail.com to reserve your spot. In the message section, please include your name and meal choice (Lasagna or Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo).

Can't attend at this time...see option #2...out of state or area, email me and I will help you find one in your state.

Owl-a-Holics - Spring Catalog Launch

Saturday, March 8th, 3-6pm

17600 Collier Ave

Lake Elsinore, CA

Hosted by Origami Owl Director Ashlie Fiallos
Cost: $10 (includes materials and beverages)

Max Attendees:185
Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/origami-owl-spring-catalog-launch-tickets-10490861449 include your designer ID #


Thursday, July 24th, 12am to Saturday, July 26th, 12am

100 N 3rd St

Phoenix, AZ

Join ​us ​next ​year ​in ​Phoenix, ​AZ ​for ​a ​life-changing ​event ​that ​you ​can't ​afford ​to ​miss! ​

Statistics ​show ​that ​attending ​convention ​can ​help ​grow ​your ​business ​6 ​to ​10 ​times ​faster!

Experience ​two ​incredible ​days ​with ​our ​executive ​team ​where ​you'll ​network ​with ​other ​Designers, ​get ​exclusive ​sneak ​peeks ​of ​new ​products, ​experience ​personal ​development ​and ​celebrate ​recognition.



Thank you for making it to the bottom of the newsletter. I hope that it was informative. My GOAL for 2014 is to help strengthen and build my business by helping you build yours. The first 10 designers that email me their 2014 business GOAL will receive a prize. Let's keep each other accountable! Send emails to kdstrange@mac.com

Dawn Strange

Senior Team Leader with Origami Owl
Independent Designer #2946