from the tropical rainforest


Orangutans are very fascinating animals that come from the tropical rainforest. Adult males weigh between 50 to 90 kg (110—198 lb.) and can stand between 1.25 to 1.5 m (4.1—5 ft.) which is probably some what taller than me. Orangutans may seem sort of scary, but really they're quite harmless, that is if you don't disturb them of course. Orangutans come from a species called Primates. Primates are similar to monkeys, but not quite. Primates come from a different environment than monkeys.

Orangutans spend almost all of their day in the tree canopy so it is no surprise that they have adapted to living in trees. The arm length of an Orangutan is 7 feet which allows them to hang on to branches and support themselves.

Although, Orangutans are very cautious climbers, they are also extremely experienced. It makes it easier that the trees are very close together and there are a lot of them. Even though their arms are super long, it still helps them climb, the closer together the trees are, the less chance of falling or tripping.

In the future, if there are fewer trees because of them being chopped down and used for materials, the Orangutans might not have a home to live in because there will be fewer trees. They also may not be able to get their food fast or get away from a predator fast because of there being fewer trees to swing on. Fewer trees mean less oxygen for Orangutans or any living thing that needs oxygen to breath and survive. Without oxygen, every living thing will die.

Here is a funny and cute video for you!


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