The basics of digital literacy

Understand and use a computer

Whats is a Computer?

A computer is a electronic device the is able to store, retrieve, and process data. You can use a computer to send emails, play games, connect with others, and browse online. The computer can also be used for business or work purposes with apps like Microsoft Word powerpoint, and excel.
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RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is a temporary memory of the computer. This allows you to run multiple apps or tabs at the same time with speed. If you do not have a lot of RAM, your computer will probably lag or not work as fast.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

A HDD is a device for long term storage of data. When you save your documents, the HDD in your computer stores the data.
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Software are things such as the programs you run on your computer. Some examples of application software would be apps like Microsoft word, excel, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Some examples of system software would be Microsoft windows, and Mac OXS


The internet an amazing tool which the computer has access to. The internet opens you up to the world wide web. Search engines such as Google help to filter your search and give you search results you may find helpful.

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices are separate from the computer, they need to be connected to the CPU with cables. Some peripheral devices include a mouse, USB, microphones, webcams, and loudspeakers.
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