Kelly Lathe; Module 9 Lesson 1 Practice

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His position on...

Health Care:

Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Act, other known as Obamacare. This Act issued reform for national health care and would provide health care for the 32 million who do not have health care.


Obama has always been an advocate of the poor. He has made sure that there are opportunities for those less fortunate to make their way to the middle class. He plans to lead a federal approach to help the communities that suffered from economic crisis become stable again.

National Security:

Obama is focused on getting our national security organizations to point their goals toward high-risk areas. He introduced legislation that would improve security at chemical plants and other high-risk plants.

Minimum Wage:

Obama is also a strong advocate of improving the minimum wage rate. He believes that those who work full-time should not live in poverty. He is working on increasing the wage from $7.25 to $9.50 an hour.

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Obama picture:

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