By:Thai-Hien Tran 5th Grade Turner

At Christ The Redeemer Catholic School


Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua as well as of the department of the same name. It is the largest city in Nicaragua in terms of population and geographic size.

Government & Currency

The President of Nicaragua is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is in the hands of the government. Legislative power is powered in the National Assembly. The judiciary and electoral powers are independent of the executive and the legislature.



The flag of Nicaragua was first adopted on September 4, 1908, but not made official until August 27, 1971. It took 63 years to become official and is based on the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America and inspired by the Argentine flag.


Food is varied through Fruits and Veggies to Meats to Soups To Sweets and Pastries. Including tamales,tortillas,black bean soup,etc..

Brief History

  • In 1502 Christopher Columbus landed on Nicaragua.
  • In the 17th century Nicaragua was attacked by pirates.
  • !855 A man seized power but was kicked out of presidency
  • 1972 a severe Earthquake hit Managua
  • Today Nicaragua is a poor country but still striving for greatness