4K A.M. Class

Red Smith

September 19, 2016

Last Week...September 12th-15th

  • Every day we have community circle time. This is a time that we sit in a circle and talk about different topics. Take a look at the topics we talked about...

Monday-Weekend Update

Tuesday-What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Wednesday-What is your favorite animal?

Thursday-What are you going to do when you get home?

  • During library, Mrs. Kline read the story Owen by: Kenvin Henkes. She gave each child a little yellow square "fuzzy" blankie like Owen had in the story. Mrs. Kline told the children that if they are having a difficult time being brave they could use the blankie to comfort them.
  • We listened to a story called Mr. Wiggle's Book. This story taught us how to take care of books. Remember to daily read with your child. Reinforce looking at the book properly, turning pages in the correct direction, and ask them questions about the book afterwards.
  • Wednesday we had a fire drill. We practiced getting out of school safely and met in our meeting spot by the basketball hoops.

Center Time

Upcoming Dates & Important Information...

  • Monday (9/19) Send back you child's decorated paper teddy bear. Remember to practice having them say one thing about their bear to prepare them for community circle on Tuesday.
  • Return the 4K Play Date note by Thursday (9/22).
  • Hansen Fundraiser order form is due Monday (9/26).

Music & Movement...

Click on the links below to show your child the songs they learned/moved to in 4K.

Tooty Ta


The Wheels on the Bus-Pete the Cat


Next Week...September 19th-22nd

  • We will sort teddy bear counters by size and color.
  • Another paper book will be added to our book bags. This book will be called Teddy Bear. We will talk about colors.
  • We will build our name puzzles.
  • Scissors will be introduced and used to make some art projects. Please allow your child to use a scissors at home. It is good practice for them to take paper and snip or cut little pieces. If your child is not familiar with a scissors continue to supervise them during this time.