VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Meryl Llamas

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 5.

Because of his ________ for chocolate, John always ate as much as he could and had chocolate mousse every night for dessert.
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penchant (pen-chuh-nt) (noun)


A strong inclination or liking

Origin and Roots


-Late 17th century

-from the words: penchant (meaning leaning, inclining) and the present participle of the verb pencher


  • affection
  • proclivity
  • affinity


  • dislike
  • disinclination
  • hate

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

a. Because of her penchant for medicine, she payed more attention in her classes and was able to get the highest grades in medical school.

b. At the little girl's tea party, the penchant doll made the perfect guest.

c. His messy room mate did not have a penchant for tidiness.

d. Lucy's new found penchant for running put her in the best shape she had ever been in.

The correct answer is B because penchant can not be used as an adjective.