Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Week of January 11th

Greeting Circle 08:05-08:25

The songs below are what we use for our greeting circle. Your student will use these every morning to get ready for the day.

Commitment for the week: Choose one you would like to use { Use Kind Words, Listening Ears, Inside Voices, Helping Hands}


On The Rug
The Sid Shuffle - Ice Age: Continental Drift
Preschool Pledge of Allegiance - LittleStoryBug
Texas Pledge of Allegiance
Balloon Breathing - Conscious Discipline
Parts of a Sentence | Pre-K and Kindergarten Version | Jack Hartmann

Morning Message

Parent Write the morning message on a sheet of paper large enough for your child to be able to circle and underline letters.

Today's Morning Message:

Goldilocks sat in in the three bears' chairs.

  • Ask the students which words rhyme, bears, chairs.

Moving and Learning

Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 3 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Reading 8:35-8:55

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Vocabulary words:


Questions to ask:

Pause the book ever so often and ask the students to retell the story. Talk about what was different in this story compared to yesterday's Three Bears Rap. What were some of the same things.

Goldilocks And The Three Bears | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox


Letters of the Week:


Today Practice writing the letter h and find items that start with the letter h

Learn The Letter H | Let's Learn About The Alphabet | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Daily Literacy Practice

  1. writing your name
  2. putting together name puzzle
  3. practice saying the letters and sounds of the letters in your name when someone points to the letters in random order
  4. Review flashcards for letters c, f, m, t, h, n, o, f, r, p, k, s, b, l, w, z
  5. Find things in your house that start with each letter we have studied.

Math 08:25-8:35

Number of the Week: 5

Daily Practice:

  • write the numbers 5
  • cut out 5 things and glue it in your journal.

Shape of the week: triangle

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways | Math Song for Kids | How to Represent Numbers | Jack Hartmann


It's A Happy Day
Brain Breaks - Action Songs for Children - Move and Freeze - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Center/Small Groups

Clean Up Robot (long Version)


Story Time

Too Much Glue(Read Aloud) | Storytime by Jason Lifebvre

Rest Time

🎹 Dusk | Zen Piano: Harvest | Trevor Loucks


Practice cutting straight lines. Practice cutting zigzag lines


Have your child draw a picture of their favorite part from the book. Write the part of book the liked and screenshot it to seesaw.