Therapy vs Therapy

Behavior Therapy vs Cognitive Behavior therapy

What is best for you and do you know the difference?

Behavior Therapy is: Counselors focus on observable behavior directly, determinants of behavior, learning experiences that promote change. Tailoring treatments and strategies to the individual client(pg.214G.C).
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is: Focus on behavior but also stresses thinking, judging, deciding also cognition and behavior.(pg291G.C)

So how do we know which is best or what will work for you?
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Here is more just about Behavior Therapy and Cognitive ehavior Therapy!

Behavior therapy and what it does.....
  • Is diverse and respectful to basic concepts to a wide range of techniques in coping with specific problems
  • Challenging to look at the global approach
  • Therapist are usually in the directive and active role
  • Research during therapy can help to refined as needed to be successful
What about limitations.....
  • Feelings may stay the same although the behavior has stayed the same
  • There is no insight given
  • Treats more of the symptoms rather than the cause
  • there is social influence and control from the therapists
Cognitive Behavior Therapy and what it does......
  • Continuously active with clients
  • Problem addressed comes from faulty thinking, incorrect influences
  • focuses on changing unrealistic negative thoughts
  • collaborative working to have clients learn to control their automatic thinking
What about limitations or distortions.......
  • has isolated detail f a certain event
  • making conclusion with no suporting evidence
  • labeling or mislabeling

They both help and want you to be successful!

Which one is best?

Talking to your counselor, sitting down coming up with goals together, and what you would like to accomplish will help decide this. Sometimes a little of both or just one may work for you. Please reach out and talk to a counselor today and make that decision.

Starts with you!

Reach out and make that connection!
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