Aliya Zinn

Careers assignment

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Who Am I?

I am a very loud, and sometimes very annoying fangirl. Essentially all I do is scream when I’m excited. My friends can back up this statement. Recently, a lot of my favourite bands are having comebacks, and It’s WAY too much for me to handle. I am not able to deal with so many new songs, videos, and concepts. When I’m not freaking out over these music groups, who I have unfortunately dedicated the past 7 months of my life to, I watch a lot of anime. Like, A LOT. I’ve binged watched entire seasons of shows in 1 day. It’s not healthy. I’m very artistic, so when I’m not watching shows, I enjoy drawing. I’m also very messy, which ties into my art, because I have a system. I like finding reference pictures of things to draw, and then altering them how I want. My system consists of 7 steps. 1- rough shape, so a basic idea of what a silhouette would look like. 2- Basic outline, adding in circles for eyes, or squares for mouths. I usually do this so I can figure out proper sizing. 3- Detail, adding in a more oval shape, rounding corners, and adding in smaller details. Essentially actually drawing whatever it is. 4- Fine tuning, deciding different sizes, and penciling it in. 5- Small details, so things like if there are wrinkles, or shadows. 6- Outline, this is sometimes the finished product. It’s where I clean up, and then Ink over the drawing. 7- Colour, I only do this sometimes, but it makes the photo look nice. The only reason I linked my system into my messiness, is because steps 1-6, I do completely without erasing anything. By step 6, it just looks like a bunch of lines with a little bit of a shape to it. I am also the biggest mega-nerd. I absolutely LOVE Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, anything Marvel, anime, Star Trek, and Star Wars. When The Force Awakens came out, I went ot see it in theatres 3 times. Finally, when I am not drawing, or freaking out over some band, I am very calm, with no emotion. I have been told, when my face is resting, I don’t have much emotion, and I look mad at everyone. This is not true. As much as I hate talking to new people, or being in large crowds, I don’t hate everyone. I can also be very quiet. It sometimes scares others. So in conclusion, I am a loud but quiet, friendly, but anti-social, artistic, fangirling mess.

My Life Line

where I am now

RIght now is an important time in my life. I'm still maturing, and figuring myself out. This is the time to make mistakes, and believe me, I've made a ton. I won't stress about it now though. Everyone my age is feeling the same way.

My Favorite Things

Right now, I have a lot of interests. My top 3 would have to be: Kpop, Anime, and art.

Leadership Styles


My most developed leadership style is the Pace-Setter, which means I generally lead by example, and try to have a well motivated team.


My second best developed leadership style is Coercive, which basically means I boss people around. This style was described with the quote ‘Do what I tell you’. This leadership style shows that I lead with Initiative and self-control.

Where can I exercise this Leadership Style?

To be honest, I'm not sure where I could demonstrate these skills. Possibly teaching, but that isn't really a 'Do what I do, exactly how I do it' environment, it's more of an 'as long as you understand it' environment. At the same time, teaching is mostly leading by example, and making sure the student does the work they are assigned. I would say teaching is the best way to demonstrate my leadership style.

My Influences


The main thing that has shaped me as a person, would probably have to be my friends. Over the years, I have made a lot of friends, and lost a lot of friends. Even the ones I don't talk to any more have made me a better person. Each friend I have had, has taught me valuable life lessons, and has set different examples of how I want to be. When I was in kindergarten, I had 2 friends who kept daring me to do stupid things that I didn't want to do, but did anyway. This showed me that I never wanted to be the kind of person that would force others to do things. When I was in the 8th grade, I had friends that were very involved in the LGBTQ community. They ended up showing me how I never wanted to discriminate against someone because of how they classify themselves, or what their sexual orientation was. I was never against it, I always thought 'Whatever makes you happy'. It didn't matter to me, but they introduced me to a new side of the Internet, where people were completely open about it, which kind of opened my eyes to the different ways people identify themselves, and I am now very educated on the subject. They also showed me some awesome music, which I still listen to. Finally, my current best friend showed me that it's okay to be loud and quirky, as long as you have friends that love you no matter what. I think this is the best way any of my past friends 'shaped me'. Before, I was too embarrassed to do weird things in public, or sing anywhere other than the safety of my room, but now, I will openly screech out my favourite song with her in the middle of the hallway without even having to think twice.


This is the generic answer to almost any question based on how your personality is, but I don't care. My family, my dad especially, have all taught me how to be a better person. Since I was very small, I was very independent. My family found a way to encourage that, but without raising me to be completely shut off, or refuse any kind of help. Since I was young, I enjoyed cooking, so from a young age I've been able to cook pasta, steak, and various other things. I am now able to make a pasta sauce from scratch with my eyes closed (not literally). My dad has also taught me a lot about computers, which has inspired, and developed my problem-solving skills. He showed me a few different things that could be wrong with a computer, and the different ways to fix them. Him teaching me this showed me that I need to try to look at a problem from all the different angles, and if none of the solutions work, then ask for help.

My Role Model

Kim Hanbin (iKON's B.I)

Right now, my role model is Kim Hanbin, the leader of iKON (whoa surprise, my idol is the guy from my favourite group...). I didn't even realize that he was my role-model until I had to think about this question. It was strange. He was the first person that came to mind. Although I don't know him personally, I really do idolize him because of everything he's done for himself and his band. He's currently 19 years old, is massive in South Korea, and he has a full length album. I think the reason I admire him so much, is because none of that was handed to him. He entered as a trainee in the company during the beginning of 2011, so when he was 14, and he wasn't able to debut until 2015. In 2013, him and his bandmates participated in a 'survival reality show'. It was a competition between iKON and another band, WINNER. Whoever won the competition would be able to debut. IKON ended up losing the competition, but that didn't stop them. B.I was determined to debut, so him, along with the current members continued their training. During his continuous training, he was in another show called Show Me the Money, where he brought a lot more attention to his band.

I idolize him not only because of his position, and how famous he is, but because of how he got there, and how hard he worked. Even when he and his band failed to debut the first time, they stayed in training, and he did everything he could to bring attention to them so they could debut. He was even writing and producing songs for WINNER, the band that beat them in the survival show. He was determined, and fought with everything he had so they could debut, and that is why I respect, love, and idolize him.

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My Future


After high-school, I hope to get into the Animation Program at Sheridan. Sheridan is the best art school in the country. On top of that, their Animation Program is the hardest and most competitive to get into. There are only 150 spots per year, and over 1000 people apply internationally. The program will be very hard to get into, and the portfolio is very intense, but IF I can get in, it will be totally worth it. Disney and Pixar often hire students from Sheridan to work at their studios, which shows how amazing the program is.

Finding a Career

After post-secondary education, it is my hope and dream that I could get a job at Disney. Since I was little, I've always loved Disney movies, so that's why I want to work there. But, if I don't get a job at Disney or Pixar, I would absolutely love to work at FUNIMATION, which is the company that releases most animes. They're station all over the world, and where the different audio dubs are recorded. Animes are often animated there too of course.

family symbols

The Incredibles

Our family's favourite movie has been The Incredibles since I was young. It's not so much our favourite movie, than our family's movie. We each relate to the different characters. It didn't really happen on purpose, but we've stuck with it since.


Our family has always been very into music. Although I am the only one who plays an instrument, we all love our different kinds of music. My dad is more into classic rap, my brother rap, and underground rap, my mom likes reggae sounding songs, and I like a bit of everything. This is a big symbol for us, because when we were little, my dad would always play his rock music, and I started to like it very much.


Everyone in our family is a huge foodie. None of us have a favourite type of food. My dad started to teach me how to cook when I was around 6. I was always very interested, and he is a very good cook, so that helped the situation. When I was about 10, we started this thing called Iron Chef Zinn (like the show). Round 1 was Parent vs. Parent, which my mom won, and Round 2 was Child vs. Child, which I somehow managed to lose. Because of our family's love of food, I learned to cook very young, so while most kids my age are just learning to boil rice, I can make pasta and sauce from scratch, and barbeque a steak with my eyes closed. (Not literally of course.)


For 13 years straight, our family went camping. We usually met up with another family. It became a huge tradition. Camping was the one thing we all looked forward to. If we did not do anything that summer, we still knew we would go camping. We managed to strongly incorporate food into that too. Most families would buy hot dogs or something to roast for dinner. Not us. We would bring potatoes, foil, sometimes meat and corn, all in the cooler, and make it over the fire for dinner. Thanks to this, I also learned how to make a fire at a young age.

Quiz results

My BluePrint:

  • Knowledge: Creative Arts

  • Learning Style: Visual-Kinesthetic

  • Personality: ISTG (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

  • Interests: The Pioneer

  • Motivation: Achievement

True Colours

Gold and Green



  • introverted-85%

  • intuitive-57%

  • thinking-59%

  • prospecting-70%

  • turbulent-77%

John Holland


Left or Right Brain

Left- 58%

Right- 44%


Which quiz was the most accurate?

I think that the two most accurate quizzes were the MyBlueprint and Meyer-Briggs quizzes. The MyBlueprint one says basically, that I am creative, and best educated in the Visual Arts, which I strongly agree with. I've always been very artistic. Both of the quizzes said I was very introverted, and I am. I don't enjoy using other people as vessels when I'm thinking, or needing to rant, I usually just push it down, or deal with it myself. I often avoid talking to other people if I have to. I can if i need to, but if I had a choice on whether I have to talk to other people, I prefer not to.

Which one was the most helpful in helping you determine what you want to do and why?

I think the MyBlueprint was the most helpful in telling me what I wanted to do. When I did the quizzes the first time around, 9 months ago, I did all of the quizzes for personality, knowledge etc, and then at the very end, there are a bunch of different career paths, and the top one was Animation. So that opened my eyes to that profession, I did some research, looked up the best schools, and then decided I wanted to go in that direction.

which test was the least helpful and why?

I think the 'Left or Right Brain' was the least helpful. I ended up getting Left, which means I'm more logical than artistic, which I do not agree with at all. I have common sense, I'm realistic, and usually use facts to support my opinions, but, I think that I am very imaginative and creative. If anything, this quiz confused me. I thought that if I had a Right Brain, it would back up my choice to go into the Arts. With the result of a Left Brain, that shows that I should pursue a more 'academic' career, which I do not want to do.

describe your 4 strengths and give examples.

1 Logical.

I think one of my strengths is my ability to be logical. I ended up getting Left brain over Right brain, which says something. I think this is a strength because it allows me to be calm and think things over in a logical manner. For example, during a test, if I don't understand the question, or don't know the answer, I can stay calm and find different angles to figure out the answer.

2 Visual/Artistic/Creative

This is definitely one of my strength. It allows me to be creative, and have a unique way of thinking. For example, if I am given a difficult question, I can look at it from angles that I would not have thought of if I were thinking logically. (Spock isn't always right.)

3 Thinking

This is a strength because it means I can help other people. For example, if a person doesn't understand a question, I have to think of different ways to present the solution to them so it makes sense.

4 Understanding myself

I think this is a huge strength, because it means I can help myself, and I know what I need to do, or what I need help with. I can understand my emotions better, and if I can do that, I know how to deal with it without making a scene. For example, if I get really upset, I put in my earbuds VERY loud, tune people out, and focus my energy on calming down. Not a lot of people can understand how to deal with themselves when they are stressed out.

describe 4 of your weaknesses and give examples.

1 I get distracted easily

This is obviously a huge weakness for a lot of people. Sometimes, if I'm doing a quiz or test, I'll start thinking about something not at all related, and start thinking about it, and expanding the thought, and then how I would explain the thought if I had to verbalize it, and then how the person would react, and their response. This isn't really something I can turn off...It's hard to deal with sometimes.

2 Overly emotional

This is hard because certain people and objects, I get emotionally attached to, and sometimes I take comments too personally. It is very easy to make me mad or upset. One time I had a friend who stole my favourite pen, and hid it from me. I then got upset over the pencil, they told me I need to disconnect from objects, which I heard as "You're too emotional". I then got very mad at that person.

3 Emotionally disconnected

Although this contradicts my previous statement, this is true as well, because sometimes I just don't care about other people. I had a friend who got sick, and my immediate reaction was ' People get sick'. She was my best friend and I didn't even care that she was sick. It's not that I'm self-centred, but sometimes it's really hard to care about minor things like that. If she had the stomach flu, or food poisoning, I would probably feel bad, but this was just a cold.

4 I tune people out

I often don't listen to others. Not on purpose, but my mind tunes itself out sometimes, so I don't hear what's happening. It annoys people because they are trying to ask me for help, I don't have earbuds in but I can't hear them. It aggravates them , and they get mad at me for ignoring them, when in reality, my brain shut off.

What i've learned about my self and what surprised me

From doing this assignment, I realized how important my friends are to me. The good ones. The ones that have stayed by my side no matter what. For a long time I wasn't lucky enough to have friends who stayed with me through everything. But this year, I found the greatest friend I could have ever wished for. Even though she has introduced me to kpop, which has ruined my life to a different level, she also showed how to be an idiot, and how to have fun while doing nothing. I never realized how important that was until I did this. What else I learned, is that I need to stop loving kpop. It has ruined my life to a different level. The leader from my favourite band is my ROLE MODEL! Shouldn't it my mom, or dad, or grandparent? Nope. It's a guy I've never met, and yet HE is the one that motivates me to be great. (What has my life come to? *face palm*) Finally what surprised me, is how passionate I am. I originally didn't notice this, but a friend noticed my 'blurb' on Anime, and how it is one of my favourite things, and she looked at me, and told me how cute I was because of how passionate I am.

Finally, In conclusion, what has surprised me about this assignment, is how passionate I am about certain things. I didn't even notice most of this before now, but here we are. Now you know everything about me, more than I did 2 weeks ago....