World War II

Patriece Davis


Nazi Germany was a period in world history that lasted from 1933 to 1945. At that time Nazi Germany was also known as the Third Reich, which was under the absolute control of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933, but after the death of Paul von Hinderburg who was President of the Weimer Republic, Hitler was named fuhrer and chancellor of Germany on August 2, 1934. Shortly after Adolf Hitlers rise to power, Hitler and the Nazi party began to slowly take over parts of Europe causing the Second World War.

Portrayed Through Different Lenses

The way the media portrayed Nazi Germany during their period in power depended on the country. The perspectives of the Third Reich also depended on whether you were an allied of them or an enemy.
German WWII Propaganda film
In this short film the media is portraying Germany out to be the victim. It's also making it seem like Germany is doing all of this for the good of Europe as a whole. Also the film shortly draws attention to Russia making them out to be the real enemy and a ruthless killer. Germany used propaganda to underline their power and recruit more men to join the war and fight for them.
Banned Looney ToonsWW2 Cartoon making fun of Nazis and Japan
Americans during the second World War believed that they should remain neutral and let others fight the distant war. It wasn't until the United States being forced into war that the media began to play an important role in forming opinions of Germany and their allied powers. This is another propaganda video from the perspective of the United States.


The media also used bias propaganda to show sides and encourage people to be apart of certain war programs. They boosted the American influence and look on war.
Big image
This bias propaganda poster is failing to acknowledge that there is more then one enemy, Most of the United States posters focused solely on defeating Japan instead of all the Axis Powers including Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.
Big image
This is another example of bias media during the war because it's very one-sided, and it doesn't offer an alternative to those who wish to remain neutral during the war. Its basically saying that you're either with the American war effort or you're with the enemy.

Marxist Criticism

The Germanic people were considered to be superior and the purest of the Aryan race. They believed that they were the master race and everyone who weren't desirable as them were unfit. European Jews were the sole target of the Nazis. They were persecuted and murdered in what came to be known as the Holocaust.

My Opinion

I believe that this was a horrible time in history. Nazi Germany painted a bad picture for themselves. One of the reasons why this time period is controversial is because of how bloody it is and the devastation behind it. I think that because of the horrible decisions made by Germany during 1933-1945 they have and will make a long lasting impression and opinion about them throughout the rest of history.