Ms. Rutter's Weekly News!

October 31st-November 4th, 2022

Upcoming Dates...

Monday: (Cycle Day 10)

Tuesday: (Cycle Day 1)

Wednesday: (Cycle Day 2)

Thursday: (Cycle Day 3) End of Quarter 1

Friday: No School: Teacher Grading Day

Winter Gear

One more reminder regarding winter gear. . As it snows please make sure your child has boots, hats, gloves, coats, and snowpants. I also ask that you make sure your child has a pair of shoes in their backpacks (they can also wear their gym shoes) so they are not wearing boots in the classroom.

Students take boots off outside of our classroom and put them on trays so we do not track winter weather into our classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Last, try your best to label EVERYTHING and continue having your child practice zipping up coats, putting on mittens and hats. Thanks so much!

Family Picture!

This week we are learning all about families! I sent a letter last week but if you could send me a immediate family picture via email that would be wonderful! I have received many already. Let me know if you have any questions!

Round Trip Folders

PLEASE make sure you are checking your child's backpack and folder each night. We have a few students who have a lot of work, information, and papers inside from awhile ago. Thanks so much!

What did we learn this week?

Reading: We talked and read a lot of books on gratitude. We learned the meaning of the word and things we could do to show gratitude.

Writing: I continued modeling the the writing process. (Think, Draw, Say and Test, Clap and Count, Write) The students are still working on the "who" and "did what." The students are hearing many sounds in words!

Phonics: We continued to work on beginning sounds in words. We also learned the poem "Turkey Tom." We learned two new high frequency words; "is" "of" and "you."

Math: We talked a lot about sorting different shapes by two different attributes, and we also talked about the words "more" and "less."