sports leaderships

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Enthusiasm is being confident and motivating the people around you. Being enthusiastic is key when participating in sports leaders as it acts like confident if you’re positive in the manner you teach this will make the people your teaching for want to participate more as the people around you will want to take part. You would need to be enthusiastic when it comes to a group that are not being active and feel that they are not interested at all. Therefore I would motivate the pupils to now give them a positive attitude towards the session. Not being enthusiastic in the way you teach will leave an unhappy effect on the participants, for example if you don’t show any interest they won’t either so you have to be enthusiastic at all times to get the best out of the participant.


Being confident is where you show you know what you are doing to the participants. Because if you didn’t look like you knew what you was doing the people you are coaching won’t take you seriously therefor they won’t be interested in what you have to say and will start messing around right from the start, whereas if you show them you are confident and know what you are doing they will listen to you and you will get the best out of them. Also you will get their attention at all times getting their attention will be good because you can talk to them and they will always be getting the information you are giving them. Then if you are confident they won’t mess around because they will have a high amount of respect for you as a sports leader because they will be willing to learn For example if you talk all shy and un-confident they won’t listen to you and will just do what they want.


Organised is where you have the correct equipment at all times, and have all your lesson plans ready in advance, because if you don’t the kids won’t know what they are doing and if you are just improvising the kids will be able to tell and will lose interest in what you are saying, being organised is bringing the correct equipment to every lesson because you can’t just turn up to a football lesson without a football, cones and bibs etc., but if you turn up with all the right stuff the kids are going to look up to you as a leader and are going to be willing to play and try their best.


Patience is key when it comes to a sports leader, being patient is not getting stressed out when a kid doesn't get the drill first time, to be patient you need to keep your calm and keep encouraging them to get the best out of them, because if you don’t the kid will lose confident and not ever be able to do it, whereas if you use patience the kid will gain confidence and practice makes perfect so they will get it eventually