BSA Executive Board Applications

Deadline Monday, April 21st at 5:00pm

Apply for the New BSA

Hi! This is Nazharie Brandon, the incoming president for the Black Student Alliance for 2014-2015. I am SO excited to unveil the New BSA to you all!

I'm asking you all to apply for a position on the Board! I'm looking for all positions, so don't hesitate to apply for wherever your strengths lie or ask any questions.

The application is due Monday, April 21 at 5:00 pm.There are two applications, core positions (Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and committee chairs; please choose one to apply for. Committee chair positions and titles will be appointed based on the strengths of the applicant. Send the application to when you complete it!

Here is the link to the Core Positions Application:

And the Committee Positions Application:

Next year I want to make serious change in the BSA and you can be an integral part of it!

Much Love,

Nazharie Brandon