Monday Musings

Weekly Update for Staff - Monday, 9/19/16

Learning is our Super Power!

Vision - Mission - Priorities

Vision - Excellence for All

Mission - The mission of Douglas Elementary School is to engage the Douglas community in learning and growing together, preparing children to pursue the dreams and opportunities of their future.

Douglas Values -

Learning and Growing Together

Driven by High Expectations and Goals

Fostering a Positive, Safe Learning Environment

WUSD Priorities -

Enhancing Teaching and Learning for Every Child, Every Day


Developing People and Partnerships

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Upcoming Staff Meetings and Events (September/October)

Monday, Sept. 19th-Friday, Sept. 23rd - Homecoming Week! (see below)

Tuesday, Sept. 20th - PLC Planning Team Meeting (Location - Leisha's Room)/PBIS Tier 1 Team

Tuesday, Sept. 27th - FUNDRAISER KICK-OFF ASSEMBLY in GYM (2:15)

Tuesday, Sept. 27th - Staff Meeting (Media Center)

Wednesday, Sept. 28th - Picture Day (AM)

Tuesday, Oct. 4th - Innovation Team (Classroom Location - TBD), K-2 Conference Vertical Discussion

Wednesday, Oct. 5th - Data Meetings (2nd & 3rd)

Thursday, Oct. 6th - Data Meetings (4th, 5th, & 1st)

Tuesday, Oct. 11th - Staff Meeting (Media Center)

Tuesday, Oct. 18th - PLC Planning Team (Julie Burchardt's Room)/PBIS Team

Monday, Oct. 17th-Thursday, Oct. 20th - PTO Fall Book Fair

Thursday, Oct. 20th - PTO Event - Harvest Hoedown (6-8 PM)

Tuesday, Oct. 25th - K-2 Conference Night, 3-5 Vertical Discussion

Thursday, Oct. 27th - Districtwide PD Day

Playworks Contest - This would be AWESOME!!

Kayla and I have talked with a Playworks rep a few times, and having their support here at Douglas would be AWESOME! If you have a moment, please click this button and enter this contest for Douglas! Only teachers and admin can enter...Thanks!

Homecoming Week 2016-2017

Dress-Up Days (thank to the Peer Mediators!)

- Monday = Superhero Day

- Tuesday = PJ/Comfy Day

- Wednesday = Wacky Wednesday

- Thursday = Future Day (When I grow up, I want to be...) - Teachers - if you want to wear college apparel, go for it!

- Friday = Gosling Spirit Day (Blue/White)

Thanks to Cally and Liz and the student council for putting together spirit packs!

Friday - Drumline (11:00 AM)

The Drumline is planning to be here at 11:00 this Friday. The K/1 students will be eating at that time, but hopefully everyone else will be able to pop out for a few minutes. Hopefully, some drummers can head to the cafeteria to visit the K/1 kids!

**Please plan to be on the playground - lower - ready to listen at 10:55. Thanks!


This senior class was a BIG Douglas class (yes, we had 33 kids in each of our 5th grade classes that year!). These kids actually moved into brand new classrooms on a Friday morning at 6:00 AM - and were so excited to be part of the Douglas renovation. We are expecting lots of student athletes to join us on Friday. For those of us who have been around for a while - having our former students come back for homecoming is one of the BEST days of the year! The kids will have a chance to get autographs during lunch on Friday, and we will be playing music in the lunch room.

Friday - Parade

If you are heading to the parade on Friday, feel free to leave when your kids are gone so you can get down there.

PLC Planning Team - Meeting Tuesday

The PLC Planning Team will be meeting in Leisha's room on Tuesday. Please bring along your Collaborative Common Assessments book, your laptop, and anything else that you feel will be relevant to our discussion. We will begin our meeting at 3:15. The agenda can be previewed via the google folder shared by Nancy Z.

Book Study - Collaborative Common Assessments (You have the intro and Ch. 1 in your mailboxes...please read prior to our 9/27 staff meeting.) Thanks!

Odds and Ends

- Picture Day Envelopes - If students return a picture day envelope, please send them up to the office

- Field Trips - As soon as you pick field trip dates, please fill out forms and let Dawn know in the office so we can get it on our calendar.

- Class Meetings - 1st Class meetings are on Friday, Oct. 7th

Blanket Liability for "In Town" Trips

Before the year started, our 5th grade team inquired about blanket liability waivers for the school year. After some discussions with the ESC and our attorney, we WILL be able to send home "blanket liability waiver" for in-town field trips this year! A letter has been drafted, and we are hoping to send out the liability waivers and letter mid-week.

Couple of things -

***These waivers would be good for "in town" trips only (within city limits)

***Teachers will still need to send home a note notifying parents of each trip - at least 1 week in advance (so they are aware, and in case they would prefer their child not attend).

***We will have new families fill out the blanket waivers in the office

***Master copies of the waivers will be stored in our file room and can be checked out for field trips

***Nothing will change with regard to collecting fees or field trip approval process

***For Trips outside of town (including farm trip) please follow our standard procedure

Hopefully this will be a BIG timesaver (and stress saver) for you all! Thanks to 5th grade for asking!

Emily's Schedule - 9/19-9/23

Announcements - Daily @ 8:05

I will begin informal observations this week. Looking forward to getting out and about in classrooms!

Monday, 9/19

9:00 Office Meetings

10:10 IEP - LB (Rens, Stollberg)

Lunch/Recess Support

Observations (PM)

3:15 IEP Scheduling Meeting

Tuesday, 9/20

7:30 Hospital Meeting

8:45-11:45 Cabinet

Observations (PM)

3:15 PLC Team Meeting (Leisha's Room)

Wednesday, 9/21

7:30 - SIT

9:30 - Meeting

Observations (PM)

3:30 SAIL Meeting @ RMS

Thursday, 9/22

Observations during day

3:15 - IEP - JS (Ryan, Flood)

Friday, 9/23


11:00 Drumline

Student Athletes at Lunch

Parade & Game

Pictures and Visits Welcome!

If you snap photos of your students in your classroom and would like to see them on our Douglas facebook page, please send them my way! We have over 400 likes, and parents LOVE to see their kids' pictures on the page.

Also - if you have something going on that you would like me to visit - to do an observation or just a visit to experience what the kids are learning...please shoot me an email! If I can, I will definitely be there. Lately I've been popping into classrooms and "conferencing" with kids - basically asking them what they are learning, having them tell me about a book they are reading...if you see me in your room, this is likely what I am whispering to the kids about :)

Please share your positives with me and let me know if there is a time when I can pop in.

I Am Somebody (edited by Culturally Responsive Team)

I Am Somebody

I believe in myself and my abilities

I can accomplish anything when I work hard

I can win, I can succeed, I can achieve

I am smart enough, good enough, tough enough

To accomplish my goals and dreams

I will not settle for less than my best

I will not waste time because it’s too valuable

I am strong enough, courageous enough, loved enough to accomplish anything

I am somebody great

I am somebody important

I am somebody

I am Watertown