Causes for the American Revolution

who do you think you are BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston Massacre

The Boston Masssacre is when the colonist is protesting against  the townshend act that was while they was protesting a gun shot was fired on the crowd. Five people died that day the frist to die was a man named Crispus Attucks the first African-American to win his freeedom.

Procalamation of 1763

The Procalamation of 1763 is when the king wrote a document stating that the colonist is not to go pass the appalachines mountains even though the colonist fought and took their lives to fight for that land.

Quartering Act

the Quartering Act is when the colonist had to provided for the british soldiers while they in america. The colonist had to make sure that they had something to eat, had a place to sleep, they had to wash their RED SUITS, and do anything that the soldiers asked them to do.

Stamp Act

The Stamp Act is when the colonies had to put a stamp on all the all of the goods (imports) that Britain has sended to them like Glass, Tea, paper, ect.