Should Pitbulls be banned?

By: Sydney & Peyton

Should Pitbulls really be banned?

We do not think that Pitbulls should be banned as pets or banned from society. Pit bulls are just as normal as any other dog and poses the same threat. We believe that if you hear debateable reasoning you will agree with us too.

Pitbulls are not the problem here, the people are.

humans have always blamed the wrong end of the leash. these dogs are influenced y their owners to be fight dogs, viscous killers, or loving pets.

those who agree with us know the true side of Pitbulls

Those who oppose might have just as debateable reasons.

Opposing side...

- Pitbulls tend to be more aggressive than any other breed

- Pitbulls will attack without any warning signs

- when Pitbull type dogs attack the elderly or children, it is usually fatal

- way too risky to have as house pets

- Pitbulls only make up 6% of the dog population, but cause lots of attacks

Pitbulls should stay for good.

There are many opposing reasons to Pitbulls, but Pitbulls are loyal and loving pets, and enjoy spending time with families. These dogs surprisingly rate higher than the dog populations in general once they are tested. And besides, 73% of people on say that Pitbulls should stay. It's time to let go of the unnecessary grudges we humans hold on this wonderful breed of dog.❤️


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