Vapes Increase Intelligence

Author: Michael Frost

Vaping For A's

With modern-day technology improving our everyday life, it is also improving our school systems. In the older days, students used to read books and study in order to achieve good grades. However, with the creation of the Vape, students can now ditch the boring, old, hard-work, and instead focus on sucking down the magical vapor juice! In order for a student to get the full effects of the vape, he or she must first choose a vapor juice that matches the subject he or she wants to learn about and then vape away until the juice is gone. For an example, if a student wants to learn about English Literature, he or she would pick up a juice bottle labeled "English Literature" and then poor in an amount which seems sufficient. The more juice one adds, the more one learns about the subject.

Schools are now becoming aware of this new learning method and are planning to make it the main way students learn. It is time efficient and pleasing to the students which makes teachers happier and less stressed. Instead of having to worry about teaching lessons and grading homework, teachers will only have to worry about keeping their juice supply fully stocked. School systems will forever be changed by the new era of vaping in a way that shall never be forgotten.

Vapes are very helpful for learning! However, some parents believe vaping is harmful to both the lungs and the brain considering the vapor is inhaled through the mouth into the lungs. They think that the vape juice is not safe enough for the students since they do not know what the juice is made out of. Contrary to their parentish thoughts, vapes have been cleared by professionals who call themselves the "Vape Doctors". These doctors assure anyone and everyone who is uneasy about buying these vapes that they have no harmful effects, only positive ones. Since we listen to our personal doctors, why not listen to these?!

Modern day technologies, such as Vapes, are becoming integrated into our everyday lives. Why not buy one for your student so he or she can become intelligent the modern way. With vapes ranging from all shapes, sizes, and colors; students will feel comfortable vaping the way that feels best for them. Students are our future, so let us give them the vapes need to succeed in making it the best future possible.

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