Clara Barton

People of the civil war ~ by Leslie VIllafranco

Clara barton also known as Angel of the Battlefield clara was a shy as a child but always liked to be helpful she was a teacher and opened up a public school and also established the Red Cross.

Basic info

  • Born on December 25th 1821 Oxford, Massachusetts
  • Died April 12th 1912 Elen Echo, Maryland
  • Religion- Universalist
  • Politic views- union nurse
  • Hometown- Oxford, Massachusetts
  • Could not find friends for real


  • Civil war nurse, and on the first year she established a agency to distribute supplies on 1861 for the injured soldiers
  • Established the American Red Cross on May 21,1881
  • First woman to clerk in the U.S. Patent Office with a salary equal to a man's

Personal info

  • Take care of her animals as a child
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Career- nursing
  • Major accomplishments- Established the American Red Cross
  • Teacher


I shall never do a man's work for less than a man's pay -clara barton