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2020-21 Junior High Band and Choir classes are complete!

This is the September 21, 2020 Edition of our weekly Music newsletter.


4th and 5th Grade students, keep an eye out for Music options, hopefully coming to you in October! Thank you for your patience while we continue to work with a changing, dynamic school year!


While Boulder Creek is moving to Phase 3 on Monday, 9/21/20,

(full, in-person instruction K-8 with mandatory health and safety precautions in place), Choir and Band classes will have to remain online due to the high risk associated with the deep breathing required for these activities.

While in Phase 3, choir and band students have voted for this schedule:

JR. HIGH CHOIR ONLINE CLASSES: Every Monday, Thursday and Friday @2pm

JR. HIGH BAND ONLINE CLASSES: Every Tuesday and Wednesday @2pm with practice video

due every Friday @2pm

IF WE RETURN to hybrid (Phase 2) or distance learning (Phase 1), plan for the Band/Music Classes to revert to our previous schedule:

JR. HIGH CHOIR CLASSES: Each Monday @10:00-10:40am

JR. HIGH BAND CLASSES: Each Monday @11:00-11:40am

JR. HIGH MUSIC CLASSES: Each Monday @12:45-1:15pm

ATTENDANCE COUNTS. Any day you are in school (distanced or in-person), you are required to be in Choir/Band class.

Attendance is being taken, and will be reported to the office and recorded in PowerSchool. Please help your Jr. High Band/Choir student(s) set their schedule(s) accordingly!

The link to join our Google Meet online classes are at the top of the Google Classroom.

If an absence from Choir/Band is necessary, the student should already be marked absent by the office for the whole school day. Only the office can excuse an absence. If the student is marked "excused" in PowerSchool by the office, s/he will be excused in Choir or Band.

**ALL ABSENCES, WHETHER EXCUSED OR OTHERWISE, ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THE STUDENT AND TO THE GROUP, so please plan carefully to allow your student(s)' full participation.**

Hopefully, it's the best part of his/her day!

General Music classes will be a part of every Jr. High student's schedule

Starting Monday, all Jr. High students will attend General Music classes during the PE/Music period.
Where can I go to get breaking news or announcements?

Click here to visit the BC Bears Music Website, and then click on the "Announcements" page.

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