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Beowulf. In Heorot??

Mysterious man in town to challenge Grendal


Beowulf ventures to Heorot in order to relieve the city of the pest they call Grendel. When Beowulf arrives, he is escorted directly to the king. The king recalls that he knew Beowulf's father and that Beowulf was born a noble birth. Soon after, Beowulf agrees to fight Grendel. Beowulf, boasting, decides not to wear armor when he battles grendel.


Unferth mocks Beowulf of losing a swimming race. Beowulf retorts that he only lost because he had to fend off a lot of monsters, which his opponent would not be able to do. Beowulf brushes aside Unferth's comments as Unferth is a tad inebriated.