Social Anxiety Disorder

Lexie & Colleen

What is it?

SAD is the extreme fear of being scrutinized and judged by others in social or performance situations. It is currently the most common anxiety disorder. People who suffer from this have none or few social and romantic relationships. These people often feel very alone and extremely shy.


Common symptoms include

  • extreme shyness
  • quietness
  • fear of doing every day things
  • trouble holding relationships
  • fear of going to public places such as school or work
  • unnecessary stress

Who it Affects and How

Men and Women of all ages suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. All people suffer the same general symptoms. Common things that people with this disorder have trouble doing around other people include

  • eating or drinking
  • writing or working
  • going to parties or meetings
  • asking questions or giving a presentation
  • using public restrooms
  • talking on the telephone
  • doing anything out of the ordinary

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How to Manage the Disorder

The only drugs that can help treat this disorder are anxiety medications proscribed by a doctor. For the most part, people living with SAD manage it by seeing a therapist or simply talking about it to someone close to them. There is no official "cure" for Social Anxiety Disorder.

Do You Have SAD?

If you experience extreme fear when going into situations with other people or cannot communicate successfully with other people, you might have Social Anxiety Disorder. See a doctor or therapist if you experience any of these feelings.
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