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Development of the Internet and confidence in e-commerce

The market is mainly for animated time by recharge retailer plans Community law entities established in France by the play of the European passport. Bank cards in 2010 represented 43.4% of recharge api integration cashless payment transactions 7.4 billion annual transactions or slightly more than the European average. A very large number of cards (payment and withdrawal) circulating in France (104 million) of which 58% of inter bank cards (60 million cards), 14% of bank ATM cards and 28% of store cards.

The growth of this means of payment is continuous recharge api integration since 2007 it accounted for 39.7% of transactions 5.85 billion transaction, and in 2005 36.9% of operations for 5.2 billion transactions. Since 2006, card payments exceeded those by check and since then the gap has continued to widen, the use of checks continues to decline while the growth of the card continues.

In France, the average amount of a payment by CB card type (excluding withdrawals) is 49 euros, or a lower level than for transfers, withdrawals or payments by check. The changeover to the euro and the development of the Internet and confidence in e-commerce have been and still are the major sources of growth in card transactions but also cerements. In recharge api integration germany 50% of payments out species already held by transfers.

However, the transfers' growth rate is still lower than that in Europe maps more widespread. Current trends recharge api integration in Europe show an increase of 10% per year on average in the number of cash transactions, recently entered the country within the Community experiencing strong growth in banking and as a result of the use of electronic means of payment.

These changes in market shares for each payment method is recharge api integration the result of more or less rapid changes sometimes initiated by some important players, but always with the accession of consumers who choose one or other of their means proposes. En are 20 years the distribution of the number of transactions by payment method has evolved considerably. Consumer behavior has changed and the bank card has largely replaced the check. While checks and credit card payments accounted for 72.3% of transactions in 1991 they accounted for more than 61.3% in 2010.

In contrast, the samples which represented 9.2% of transactions in 1998 represent 19.8% in 2010, also exceeding the check after the bank card that did in 2002. On the revenue related to payments, the European market is recharge api integration estimated at 34 billion euros primarily generated by income from recharge retailer plans cards (fees, ATM fees, interchange fees and acquisition fees) to 67% (26 billion euros) 7. Compared to other European countries, the weak spot of the species in France in the settlement of transactions is offset by heavy use of checks and credit cards. Although rapid decline, the use of checks is still very important and means as the TIP or the transfer which are also on the initiative of the debtor superseded little.

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