Nickel, the metallic menace.


It's very important to notify the police if you see someone as evil as nickel. He looks silver, metallic and lustrous. HIs weight is 58 AMU, his atomic number is 28, and is a metal, at room temperature he's a solid. The traits, of a criminal.

CONCENTRATES 100% more on underground activities. (Under Earth's Crust)

Crimes Of Nickel

Nickel uses it's self to be in something as evil as jet engines, or horseshoe magnets! Look out it's everywhere!
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Although the coin is named nickel it is actually only 1/4 nickel, WHAT A MISLEADING DECIEVING TITLE. It's symbol on the periodic table is Ni, it is sometimes called nickel alloy when being used in specific materials. In ancient China they used to call nickel white copper, until later on a german man named Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, named it nickel after a spirit.
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This is an artist sketch of nickel.

First Arrest

When Axel Fredrik Cronstedt first discovered Nickel he was extracting Kupfernickel from copper when he realized a whit metal and he named it after a spirit that gave it's name to minerals.

Last Seen

Nickel was last seen in the transition metals, and is found in the crust of the Earth.

Known Associates.

One of nickel's known associates are flouride, together they make nickel difluoride (1NiF2) , which is not known to be reactive.

Warning! Nickel is Semi-Dangerous in it's pure form.