Notes from Miss Radler's Class

Week of September 19-23

Notes and Reminders...

  • Our second reading log (on yellow paper) came home today. Please complete the log each night and return it in two weeks. The expectation is 15-20 minutes of reading every school night.
  • Please send $8 cash to pay for your child's first grade class shirt. Our design/color is different from previous years, so your child will not be able to use the first grade shirt that belonged to a sibling or friend. T-shirt money should be turned in by September 23rd.
  • We are on the last week of our school fundraiser. Remember, friends and family can order online and the products will be delivered directly to them. Our PTA uses the money made from the fundraiser to support our kids.
  • First grade progress reports will come home in our yellow folders on Thursday. Please sign the slip at the bottom of the report and return it to me in the folder.
  • If possible, please join PTA. Let me know if you need a new membership form. I will try to get one for you.

Lots to Learn

Here are some things we are studying in class. Please support us by practicing at home.

Reading: retelling the beginning, middle and end of a story; using the character's name when discussing a story; reading sight words and CVC words (consonant/vowel/consonant)

Math: representing addition and subtraction story problems with counters, pictures and equations

Writing: stretching words to hear and write sounds; writing about our feelings

Word Study: word families for short i: words like... bit, hip, big, hid;

thinking of words to rhyme with a given word... for example: Tell me a word that rhymes with ran.

Science: asking questions and making observations like a scientist

Social Studies: school and class rules; getting along with others

Important Dates

  • September 19 - first reading log due
  • September 22 - progress reports come home
  • September 23 - t-shirt money due today; end of our fundraiser; deadline for joining PTA
  • September 27 - NPE Spirit Night at Fives Guys
  • September 30 - no school; teacher in-service
  • October 1 - deadline for GT referrals
  • October 3 - reading log (on yellow paper) due

Character Corner

Word of the Month: Respect

Word of the Week: Self-respect

Character Action to Practice: I can speak and think positive thoughts about myself and always try my best.

Last week we learned about leadership. Ask your child to tell you about a time he/she showed leadership last week.

Word of the Week - "W.O.W"

Each week we will introduce a special vocabulary word.

  • Week of August 29 - accurate: to be correct
  • Week of September 6 - analyze: to look at something closely
  • Week of September 12 - appropriate: to be right for a situation
  • Week of September 19 - calculate: to find the answer by doing math


The Gifted & Talented Program is designed for students who demonstrate significantly above-average achievement or potential in the areas of general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and creative/productive thinking skills. The deadline for student referrals in grades 1 – 12 is October 1, 2016. For more information, please contact Jean Neyland, Advanced Academic Specialist at North Pointe Elementary,