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August 1, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Hello from CMS! We are getting close to kicking off our new school year! This is a quick note with reminders about upcoming events and news.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday August 12th for Meet the Teacher Night! Check out the details below.

Parents of returning students have received an email with a unique link to access the registration process for this school year. If you haven't seen the email, please check your spam folder. The email is personalized, so you can probably search for the email in your mailbox by using your child's name in the search bar. Every student must register for the school year. Please complete this process by August 14th so we have your most up to date contact information when school starts.

If you need your HAC log in, please email Becky Lafferty for that information. Use an email account currently listed in our system to help us verify your identity. In order to keep your child's information secure, we can not provide HAC information over the phone.

Please scroll to the bottom of the newsletter to view campus personnel contact information for this school year.

See you all soon to kick-off our best year yet!!

Dr. E

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Kona Ice at Back to School Night!

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Meet the Teacher Night

We will welcome our students back on Monday August 12th from 4:00-6:00. Refer to the schedule for staggering attendance according to students' last names. Our full staff will be in attendance for the entire event, but spreading out attendance will help everyone have access to parking.

Print your schedule from HAC on August 12th prior to arrival. Home Access Center

Please upload your utility bill when completing the online registration. If you are unable to do so, please bring a current utility bill for your proof of residence for the 19-20 school year. (Cell phone bills cannot be accepted)

Deliver all supplies to your child’s science classroom. Be sure supplies are labeled.

If you pre-ordered supplies, they will be delivered to your child's science classroom prior to the first day of school.

Students are assigned lockers the first day of school and teachers help them access the lockers. If there is a problem with a locker or combination, we can address it immediately in small groups and reduce any anxiety this might cause the students.

If you have a schedule question or need help with updating registration, please visit the library and staff will be available to help you.

PE Uniforms

PE uniforms are sold beginning the first day of school. $12 for shirts and $12 for shorts. If you pre-ordered, they will be handed out the first day of school.

Not Returning to CMS?

If you are not planning to return to Cockrill this year, please help us by contacting our school registrar, Becky Lafferty with this information.

Lunch for Students

Due to a variety of safety concerns related to food allergies and campus safety and security, McKinney ISD does not allow students to utilize food delivery services at school. This includes services such as Uber Eats, Doordash and direct restaurant delivery. However, parents/guardians will still be permitted to drop food off for their children.

This rule does not apply to deliveries organized by McKinney ISD faculty or a teacher serving as a sponsor of a student organization. We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts to create a safe and secure environment for students.

Parents may only deliver food for your own child. We can't accept group deliveries.

Does Your Child Ride a School Bus?

If your child will ride a bus before or after school, please make sure your child knows their bus number before they arrive to school on the first day. Bus routes will be available after August 2nd. Go HERE after that date to access your bus number.

For questions regarding bus transportation, please contact Durham Transportation directly at 972-542-8316. Or visit this site Durham Transportation Services.

Please note that CMS is not part of Durham Transportation's internal communication network. When buses experience delays or other incidents while 'on the road', CMS is generally unaware of those situations and, therefore, unable to communicate any information. Direct any questions or concerns about bus status to Durham Transportation at 972-542-8316 for immediate assistance.

Arrival and Dismissal

School doors open at 8:15 and the tardy bell rings at 8:45. School dismisses at 3:45.


  • All carpool traffic goes through the front drive of the building. The back of the building is reserved for bus traffic only.
  • Please read signs and drive to the end of the building when dropping off. You may pass the front door.
  • Be patient with one another to start the year. Our first priority is student safety, not speed, but carpool generally works quickly once the students and parent learn the routine.
  • We discourage traffic pick-up in the parking lot because it is not safe for students to cross through parking lot traffic.
  • Only use designated crosswalk at all times to cross traffic.
  • The city has designated “no right turn on red” at the light where you leave carpool. This is in effect at all times and it is monitored by McKinney Police frequently.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in school zones, including the carpool lane.
  • Ask your child to be looking for you, so we can keep cars moving.

What is Club CREED?

Club CREED is a course on every child's schedule. This is the CMS advisory course which gives our students and staff a unique opportunity to practice team building, develop positive relationships, learn helpful social skills, monitor academic progress and promote our school's pillars of character development. These include:

Courage, Respect, Empathy, Excellence, and Determination.

Club CREED will meet after 1st period each day. Classes will be assigned by grade level, so grade levels will not be mixed. The class will meet for 20 minutes and then students will move to second period and the day will proceed as usual.

We are excited to launch a very rich curriculum this year that is grade specific and highly engaging for students!

Nurse's Note

7th grade students will need to turn in updated shot records. The nurse will be available beginning August 7th from 8:00-3:00 to collect records. Shot records can be emailed to Nurse O'Grady at If you need to meet with Nurse O'Grady about a serious medical issue prior to school beginning, please call her office to arrange a time before school begins. The first day of school is very busy, so this is not the best day to stop by and visit without an appointment. You can reach the nurse at 469-302-7906.

MISD has a no tolerance policy for students being in possession of medication of any kind. If students need medicine at school, please contact our school nurse for the form that must be completed. The medicine must be delivered to the clinic by an adult on the student’s contact list. You can reach the school nurse at or 469-302-7906.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are allowed at CMS, but please make sure to reinforce your expectations for your child’s use during the school day. Cell phones are utilized in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion. If left unattended, these items go missing or get broken from time to time. If an item is lost we will certainly investigate, but we can’t guarantee that the device will be recovered. Please discuss this with your child prior to sending the devices to school. Devices should never be left unattended. Any conduct that disrupts our school environment will be addressed using the student code of conduct.

Dress Code

*19-20 revisions to the dress code will be published next week. If there are any significant changes, I will send that information to you.

Please refer to the Student Code of Contact for detailed information. Here are a few

basic reminders for you as you begin your back-to-school shopping.

• No leggings or spandex (unless entire front and back sides are covered by your

shirt or tunic)

• No spaghetti straps and tank top straps must be 3 finger width

• No see-through clothing

• No sagging pants or underwear showing

• No short shorts (must be at least fingertip length)

• No tummies showing

• Holes in jeans must be located below fingertip length

• Hair color needs to be a natural shade, so work on that if you have experimented

with fun colors over the summer

Viewing Course Schedules

Your child’s schedule will be viewable in the Home Access Center (HAC) on August 12th. Please print your child’s schedule or access it on a mobile device, and bring it with you to Meet The Teacher on August 12th.

*All schedules are subject to change and official schedules are distributed to students the first day of school. We hope that few, if any, changes will be necessary at that point, but there is always a possibility.

*If you have a question about your child’s schedule after August 12th, your assigned

counselor is your point of contact. Email is the easiest way to make initial contact with

them. If you need to visit in person, please schedule a conference time so we can serve you most effectively.

*Sometimes students have to make choices if the schedule does not allow them to take

every specialized course they prefer. Priority is given to academic course levels errors or

actual schedule errors (missing a course) for schedule changes.

*Note: The High Schools have a different method of communicating their schedules and

they will send out their information to you soon.

Counselor contact information is listed below.

School Supplies

Pre-ordered school supply packs will be delivered to classrooms and ready for students on the first day of school.

If you need to purchase school supplies, you can find the list HERE.

Want to Volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer at CMS, please complete the Volunteer Background Check. If you have been approved in the past, you have until September to update your application for the new school year. You must complete a new form each year. Please note that if you do not complete the proper paperwork, you cannot help chaperone field trips or help with the school in any way. We need and want your help, so please fill out the forms now.

CMS Contacts

You can reference the contact information below for questions regarding specific programs or services.

Durham Bus Services 972-542-8316

CMS Front Office, 469-302-7900

School Registrar/Attendance, Becky Lafferty 469-302-7914

Nurse, Mary O’Grady 469-302-7906

Secretary to the Principal, Sandra Carter 469-302-7918

Secretary to 504 Coordinators, Rosa Jou 469-302-7913

Secretary to Assistant Principals, Susie Teel 469-302-7878

Assistant Principal (A-G) Stewart Herrington 469-302-7876

Assistant Principal (H-O) Melanie Machost 469-302-7987

Assistant Principal (P-Z), Jennifer Zornes 469-302-7877

Secretary to Counselors Julie Dudek 469-302-7960

Counselor (A-L) Christal Helm 469-302-7961

Counselor (M-Z), Courtney Starnes 469-302-7962

Special Education Lead, Lori Bell 469-302-7975

Gifted and Talented Services, Lucas Hurst 469-302-4000

Boys Physical Education, Austin Kincaid, 469-302-7888

Girls Physical Education, Amanda De La Garza 469-302-7925

Boys Athletic Coordinator, Aaron McNeil 469-302-7926

Girls Athletic Coordinator, Amanda De La Garza 469-302-77925

Band, Gary Williams 469-302-7933

Choir, Dorrie Seamans 469-302-7924

Drama, Sarah Fox, 469-302-7932

Orchestra, Nicole Brown 469-302-7935

Cheerleading, Michelle Wandersee 469-302-7857

AVID, Michelle Rumley 469-302-7867

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