French 2: Les Vêtements

Clothes, colors, comparatives, superlatives, opinions

French Names in Fashion

Yves Saint Laurent: created "power suits" for women and the smoking jacket for men
Pierre Cardin: known for his bubble dresses
Christian Dior: revolutionized post WWII fashion for women
Coco Chanel: made famous for her "little black dress" and hand bags

Tell your parents what colors things are in french. It's a great opportunity for you to practice and for them to hear you speaking french.

Les Projects: une boutique

The students have been paired up into groups of two or three and are working to create a boutique. As part of this project they have to create or find a male and female outfit (that reflects the style of their boutique) for six different occasions: a wedding reception, first day of school, hiking, beachwear, soccer game and swag. Once they have created their boutique, they will be given random outfits from other boutique. They will be "given" euros and must go "shopping" and engage with their classmates completely in french.

Dialogues: Fashion Runway

As part of this unit, students will also be participating in a runway show where they will be showcasing their favorite outfits. Their dialogue must be memorized and will be graded on their fluency, flow of conversation, grammar and sentence structure and their pronunciation. This is the first of the dialogues where props are required.

Les verbes irrégulières

Croire (to believe/to think) you will use this verb when you want to give an opinion.

Voir (to see)

Mettre (to put (on)) this is a review verb from last

Le pronunciation

Sound file for Vocabulary words

Sound file for croire

Sound file for voir