The Lady and The Tiger



Have your ever had to make a tough decision on going to a friends house or a sports event. well the princess had to choose if the guy would survive or get mald by a big tiger. What would you choose.

Subheading One & Two

Would you rather have a dream person you wanted your whole life or have the person get killed my a tiger. From the story that i read that i think you should choose the tiger. If would be better for you and everyone around you. I would choose the tiger.

Subheading Two

If you would choose the man it would be good but it would not be good for you. I think that you should choose the tiger and it would be alot better than chooseing the other door. So i suggest choosing door # 2. That would be the best door for you and everyone else around you.

Subheading Three and Four

It would be tough on choosing the tiger. But from me reading the book would be the best decision. I know if your choose the lady that it would be tough on you and the town around you. So i would choose the tiger and you would not have to worry about nothing.


- From all the info that i gave to please chose door number 2. That the door of the tiger. Trust me i know the right thing to do. Have a great day.