Slovenia Entry Registration

You must apply in advance to Slovenia for entry registration if you want to stay for a long time in Slovenia. For this purpose, you have to fill in an application form that contains all the required details about yourself.

Slovenia is a safe place to live, work, and visit. It is a European member state of the European Union and has open borders with neighbouring countries of Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Slovenia possesses good natural conditions with abundant rainfall, clean sandy beaches, temperate climate and rich mountainous areas. It is an ageing country, having been ruled by several dynasties and is considered as a backwards country when compared to other parts of Europe. The government of Slovenia guarantees all citizens their rights and ensures that they are protected and secure.

The best way to register for Slovenia entry is to apply in advance if you are planning to visit Slovenia. You can do this either at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovenia or at the consular offices of countries that you intend to visit in the region. In both cases, you need to submit necessary documents such as the photo identification, passport, fee payable and other relevant visa requirements. There are separate applications for foreigners and for domestic citizens.

The Slovenia visa and immunization last for three months starting from the date of issue. To avoid problems with visa renewals, tourists should apply for the visa early. If you intend to stay longer in Slovenia, the authorities will issue one to two renewal visas each year, such as the tourist's visa and the Slovenian citizen visa. There is another special type of the Slovenian national ID, known as the karakari, that is required to get the visa. The Slovenian defense ticket is available for those over 70 who don't reside in the spouse's home. It is valid for one-year.

If you wish to stay in Slovenia for a long term, you should apply in advance for the Slovenia entry registration. You will need to fill out an application form with all your details. You might need to provide some photo and documentary proofs. The passport size of the applicant matters here.

Authorities may also verify your eligibility for a visa number. If you are not eligible, the rules and procedures will apply. If you are visiting Slovenia for business purposes, you will need to provide an international business address and a valid passport. After you have completed the application form, the process of getting a visa begins. The type of visa number you apply for will determine the validity period.

The visa fee in its entirety is non-refundable. Therefore, before submitting the application form, ensure that you are availing the service completely. The processing of the application normally takes two to four weeks. Once you have received a visa number, you can use it at any hotel in Slovenia. The most important thing here is to make sure that you receive your visa stamps on time. The internet makes it much easier to acquire a visa number.