Perseus Defense

A Seth Norquest Production

Perseus's Good Deeds

Perseus did incredible deeds for the better of the people. Whatever he killed was justified by saving hundreds of lives. He killed the evil Medusa who caused among Perseus's home nation. He was ordered by his grandfather, the king, to kill this monster so Perseus would die and not fufill the prophecy of killing him. This monster was virtually impossible to kill because looking at it would turn you into stone.

Perseus also killed a murderous minotaur that kills 7 youths and 7 women every 7 years. Perseus volunteered to "sacrifice himself" to this creature. Instead of dying and letting the minotaur kill his people for ages to come he killed the vicious man-eating monster with his bare hands. He came back a hero to the whole nation.

Perseus also saved his future wife from a terrorizing sea monster. When venturing back from one of his missions he saw a beautiful woman getting sacrificed to the sea monster so that it would leave. He killed it with ease with his powerful sword. He then got married to the women he saved.

Perseus Is Innocent


Created and edited by Seth Norquest

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