Fish and game warden


  1. My occupation when I grow up is a fish and game warden. Being a game warden

can consist of many challenges to be faced and you have the opportunity to keep others safe and wildlife safe. Some of the duties that a game warden has to occupy are keeping wildlife and all humans safe, know what you're doing, know how to handle a gun/ know the safety requirements of hunting and fishing, and lastly have fun. Not only will being a game warden be good for the surroundings, but I will enjoy connecting with nature and doing what I like to do for a living.

What It Takes.

There are many requirements in being a fish and game warden. Some are preventing law violations on other people places or the land, investigating wildlife properties, law and government abilities, and lastly keep your surroundings as safe as possible.


To be a licensed fish and game officer you must have earned many requirements. Some are must be a US resident, 21 or older and no older than 36 at the time of application, good health both mentally and physically, shooting capabilities, knowledge on common law and enforcement.


An average wage for a fish and game officer is about fifty thousand dollars per year. Or about 24 dollars per hour. This wage will be plenty to support myself along with my family.

Why this occupation interests me.

This occupation interests me in many ways. The main one being that I love nature and wildlife along with maintaining the places around it. Beside that fact I will enjoy knowing that i'm putting myself in harms way to protect others.

Do i have the Capability's?

I think that I myself do have the ability for this occupation. I know this because I have the ability to learn and I already have a large education on outdoors and wildlife. Not only that but I feel that I am ready for the challenges to be faced in the field.


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