What's Happening, Tate?

March, 2021

Dear Families,

Hey Tate Warriors, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Luke DeVries and I started working at Tate at the beginning of the second trimester as your assistant principal. I have enjoyed getting to know many of you during this trimester and I am looking forward to getting to know those of you who I haven’t met. Here is a little bit about myself to help you get to know me better.

I graduated from the University of Iowa where I earned a degree in mathematics and secondary education in 2007. Having this degree gave me the opportunity to move to San Antonio, Texas and work as a math teacher for 5 years in a large high school there. While I was teaching mathematics, I started attending school at night at the University of Texas at San Antonio to get my masters degree in Educational Leadership. This degree helped me get a job as an assistant principal. Since becoming an assistant principal in 2012, I worked at Jackson Middle school in San Antonio, Texas, Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, Iowa City West High School, and am excited to now be working here at Tate.

If you ever see my walking around the building or around the community with two kids, they are most likely my daughter Olivia (2nd grade) and my son Oliver (4 years old). In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my kids, traveling, trying new restaurants, exercising and spending time in the summer at the lake. It is my hope to get to know all of the students here before the end of the school year. If we haven’t had a conversation yet, please come and introduce yourself to me!

Finally, I am amazed every day by the hard work and positive attitudes of the students here at Tate. Continue to keep working hard for the rest of the trimester, talk to your teachers if you have failing grades, and use Warrior Work Time to your advantage. You are all fully capable of passing all of your classes if you stay focused and continue to work hard. Don’t lose sight of that goal, give your best effort, embrace the Tate Warrior mentality and I am confident you will all be happy with the results at the end of the second trimester!

Assistant Principal Luke DeVries

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special shoutout to Ms. Hoffman for taking this beautiful shot of Tate in front of a fall sky! :D

Important Dates:

  • Tue, March 9: End of Trimester 2
  • Tue, March 9: Trimester 2 Awards Assembly
  • Wed, March 10: No School
  • Thu, March 11: Start of Trimester 3
  • Mon, Mar 15 - Fri, March 20: Spring Break. No School
  • Fri, April 16: No School
  • Mon, May 31: Memorial Day. No School

At Tate, We honor C.O.R.R. Values:


Tate Climate Survey

Every trimester, we give our students a six-question climate survey to evaluate our school culture and climate. We use the data to assess if our students feel safe and supported by the staff. Year by year, this survey helps us make continual adjustments to ensure we're doing our best to support all our students.

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Our goal is to maximize the amount of Strongly Agree (blue) and Agree (red) responses while minimizing the Disagree (orange) and having zero Strongly Disagree (green).

By these standards, the results show we scored highest on the prompt "My Teachers Care About Me" and lowest on "Students At My School Treat Each Other W/ Respect".

We can be confident we're doing well at making sure students feel we care for them and could especially focus on building respect between students.

If you didn't know: The 1619 Project at Tate

If you haven't heard of the"1619 Project" and a festering controversy behind the Iowa General Assembly's push to ban its use in our schools, you probably will soon.

The journalism project appeared in The New York Times Magazine in 2019. Cultivated by Iowa-native Nikole Hannah-Jones, it aims "to reframe the country's history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of the United States' national narrative". Since its release, it has become a hot-button political issue.

Several states around the country, including Iowa, are pushing to have the project's content banned from its classrooms. The proposed law in our state would cut funding to districts who allow it to be used. Lawmakers responsible for the bill claim the work is "racist, divisive, historically and factually inaccurate, and politically driven propaganda masquerading as history curriculum."

Here at Tate, several classrooms are already leaning on the project to inform their curriculum. In fact, Ms. Curry (Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing) was just interviewed and quoted in a recent Education Week article reporting on the issue.

To her, she doesn't see where the controversy is. "I teach African American Literature and that's exactly what the project is. The fact that it's a controversy shows that it needs to be taught. We shouldn't shy away from it because it makes us uncomfortable."

(sources below)

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

PBIS points: February

Every day, Tate staff award virtual "PBIS points" to students showing CORR values.

Students are also given a "Mission of the Week". This can be a goal to show a specific CORR value throughout the week such as showing Responsibility for being to class on time or showing Ownership by staying on task in class. Students are acknowledged with "PBIS tickets" that function the same as virtual points.

Points can be turned into the store at lunch for extra snacks and drinks or saved up for bigger prizes like Warrior merchandise.

PBIS points given in February

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In February, over 4,000 PBIS points were given out!

Ownership almost de-throned Responsibility as the most popular CORR value rewarded, with Respect and Caring following behind in that order.

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

student voice

In an effort to include more student-made content in What's Happening, Tate?, Ms Gibson's Ethnic Studies: Identity, Power, Privilege class will be sharing pieces of work throughout the year in a new section dubbed "Student Voice."

For this month, Khairah Wright (February's CORR Warrior of the Month) documented a "Day in the Life of a Tate Warrior" through photos:

a day in the life of a Tate Warrior

by: Khairah Wright

wake up. check my phone

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brush my teeeeth

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check my work for the day. see what i gotta do

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STEM activity with Dr. Riney

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watching basketball at lunch with friends

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the bros getting swoll

end the day with some math

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CORR Warrior of the Month

Every month, students caught exuding CORR values will be nominated and voted by staff to be Tate's "CORR Warrior of the Month".

Congratulations to this month's winner: Jauge Minter!

Jauge Minter

Year in school: Senior

Horoscope: Aquarius

Mantra: Why fail when success is free?

Show on TV Everyone Should Watch: not a show but a book: Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

Favorite Tate memory: Being a security guard

Dream job: Working construction

Nominating staff (Mr Renk, Ms Brown, Ms Maria, Ms Hauskins, Ms Fitz):

I admire Jauge's commitment to his education, his respect for himself and for others, and his insistence on staying positive and seeing light ahead in any situation. He isn't afraid to contribute honestly to class discussion and always does so thoughtfully. If he gets too goofy or riled up, it only takes a polite ask and he respectfully brings it back. If he can't he has great self-awareness to leave the situation when he needs to and not make it worse. He's a great example of what success looks like at Tate.

Jauge has persevered so much this year and worked hard to get his credits in order to graduate. I am so very proud of him.

Jauge has been with Tate for a while now and his growth and maturity are so awesome to see. He's ready to graduate and nothing stands in his way.

Jauge has taken full ownership over his academics this year and we are SO proud of him. He has grown in so many ways and continues to show us that big beautiful heart of his. He makes our building a better place to be. You're the best, Jauge!!!!

Jauge's take: I appreciate that you guys have taken your time to recognize my change and growth over the years and I´m glad that I´ve been able to have you guys as teachers/staff the past 4 years.

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

Staff Spotlight - Dr. Riney

My Role at Tate: Educator of Geometry, Algebra II, Biology, and Physical Science

I Hail From: We've moved a bit..but for the past 13 years before now, we called Kansas City home.

My Path to Tate: In the KC area I had always taught science and math courses but typically at the middle school level. With our move, I thought this was the best time to transition to the high school level. Things aligned and I was welcomed to Tate.

Favorite day/part of the year: Fall is an amazing and beautiful time of year but this year, I am looking forward to Tate graduation. I am so proud of all of our students and cannot wait to cheer them on!

Someone who inspires me: There is not one person who has inspired me. I am encouraged and strengthened by my family but have learned so much from my past teachers and professors. I have loved learning from amazing scientists and I am equally inspired by all my amazing students. Each day, there is something new to learn.

Catch me on the weekends doing: On the weekend I'm typically watching movies, reading (for fun), playing games, cheering on my daughter in her sports, playing with our dog, and being with family.

What I would tell 16 year old me: Keep working hard. Choose each day to learn at least one 'something new' even if that means solving a riddle, joke, difficult math problem, or trying to understand the why's of science. That constant search for knowledge is what drives you.

My most important CORR value: Caring. All CORR values are important but I believe caring is the most important. I believe that in order to care you must show other CORR values and truly believe them.

As a big proponent of Care Theory, this quote by Nel Noddings sums up caring as an educator at Tate: "My contention is, first, that we should want more from our educational efforts than adequate academic achievement and, second, that we will not achieve even that meager success unless our children believe that they themselves are cared for and learn to care for others."

"All CORR values are important but I believe caring is the most important. I believe that in order to care you must show other CORR values and truly believe them"

-Dr. Riney

Staff Spotlight - Coach Koffron

My Role at Tate: PE Teacher, Lunch Supervisor, Volleyball and Basketball Coach

I Hail From: 319 The Ville Baby! (Coralville born and raised!)

My Path to Tate: Iowa City West> Kirkwood College > Northern Iowa > Omaha PE Teacher > Northwest Junior High Dean > Tate High School!

Favorite day/part of the year: Summer:

Sunshine sunshine, it's fine

I feel it in my skin, warmin' up my mind

Sometimes you gotta give in, to win

I love the days when it shines

Whoa, let it shine -Atmosphere

Someone who inspires me: Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks, MLK, Iowa Freedom Riders, My Parents

Catch me on the weekends doing: Spending time with my daughter Karter! Playing basketball with my friends. Coaching my nephew. Dog walking with our 4 dogs.

What I would tell 16 year old me: That dream you had of becoming a teacher... it was all worth it! Teachers are your advocates, trust them. Commit to 4 years of a high school sport.

My most important CORR value: Ownership. Everyone faces adversity, and hardship with outcomes that are unwanted, however they are merely just shadows. True character is built and found in how you handle, rebound and learn from the lesson. Reflect by asking yourself what you would do next time, then turn your face to the sun and accept that today is what you make it. -Coach K

"Everyone faces adversity, and hardship with outcomes that are unwanted, however they are merely just shadows. True character is built and found in how you handle, rebound and learn from the lesson. Reflect by asking yourself what you would do next time, then turn your face to the sun and accept that today is what you make it"

-Coach Koffron

Staff Spotlight - Ms. Hauskins

My Role at Tate: Student Advisory Center Coordinator

I Hail From: Iowa City! Wahooooooooooooo!

My Path to Tate: The universe brought this job to me when I didn't even know I needed it. I quit a job that I really enjoyed after I did a job shadow at Tate and realized I wanted to be a part of student's every day lives. I've worked with at-risk youth my entire career and love being able to work with our students every single day

Favorite day/part of the year: My favorite part of the day is passing time. It fills me with deep joy to see our Warriors heading from class to class, working on their goal and dreams. I love a full hallway!

Someone who inspires me: The Tate students inspire me. They show resilience and grit as they work through problems that some adults couldn't even begin to manage and yet they show up and they work hard for their academics. That inspires me to show up every day with a flexible and upbeat attitude, so I can help support them as they navigate through tough moments like the rockstars that they are.

Catch me on the weekends doing: Wrestling with my wild kids, doing yoga, tending to my house plants or reading historical fiction. I also love sunshine and good tunes!

What I would tell 16 year old me: You can drop that defensive shell you carry around on your back. You don't need it. You are whole, you are enough, and you are working on becoming the woman you were destined to be. Don't punish yourself for mistakes of the past, and instead, remember that you are HUMAN.

My most important CORR value: Ownership. If you don't take ownership for your actions, eventually your actions will own you.

"If you don't take ownership for your actions, eventually your actions will own you"

-Ms. Hauskins

past 2020/2021 newsletters:

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