Wildcat Wonderings

April 15th


Watkins Wildcats are safe respectful, and focused on learning every day.


Work Ethic: Work hard

Achievement: Achieve great things

Teamwork: Do your part for the good of the group

Kindness: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Innovation: Think outside the box

Noteworthy: Others recognize our excellence

Success: Accomplish our goals

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OFFICE: 523-5000


Mrs. Clark: jclark113@spsmail.org

Reminder: School begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:30. Doors open at 8:15.

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We will not be dismissing students from the office after 3:15. If you arrive after 3:15, please go through the carline or wait until the carline is finished.

We are also NOT allowing walk-ups before OR after school. You must park at a numbered signed in the morning and drive through the carline in the afternoon. Your students may also walk home. You may not park in one of the lots or on the street and walk up to the front door.

We want to make sure students and parents are safe as well as keep that area clear for emergency situations.

Check out our Watkins website:

Weekly Schedule

Monday, April 18th:

  • Rock it in RED! (Wear red)
  • MAP/iREADY Assembly @ Lunch

Tuesday, April 19th:

  • Brilliant in BLUE (Wear blue)
  • ELA MAP Testing begins!
  • Watkins Night @ Springfield Cardinals (see below)

Wednesday, April 20th:

  • Prove it in PURPLE (Wear purple)
Thursday, April 21st:
  • Glowing in NEON (Wear neon)
  • STEAM Club
Friday, April 22nd:

Monday, April 25th:

  • Optimistic in ORANGE (Wear orange)
  • Math MAP

Tuesday, April 26th:

  • You Can Do It In Yellow (Wear yellow)
  • Math MAP
Wednesday, April 27th:
  • Secretary's Day
  • Proud in PINK (Wear pink)
  • Math MAP
Thursday, April 28th
  • 2nd Grade to Ballet
  • STEAM Club
Friday, April 29th:

  • April Valedictorian of the Month Lunch

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EVERY Watkins student and teacher will receive 2 FREE tickets, courtesy of the Springfield Cardinals.

In addition, Mrs. Clark will give away 10 tickets.

For those interested in purchasing additional tickets, the Cardinals will be offering a group discount, which is $2 off the regular ticket price.

PLEASE call the box office at (417) 863-2143 to purchase your tickets. When calling, identify which school you’re with so box office staff can do their best to get your seats close to your group (seats together cannot be guaranteed).

BONUS: $2 Hot Dogs and Bratwursts on Tuesday nights!!!

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From our technology department:

Students will now be charged to replace cases, chargers, and devices.

Student charges for repairs and replacements started back this week.

The charges are:

Case Replacement: $10 free/reduced lunch and full pay lunch
Charger replacement: $10 free/reduced lunch and $25 full pay lunch
Device repair: $10 free/reduced lunch and $25 full pay lunch
Device Replacement: $25 free/reduced and $50 full pay lunch

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Our Watkins staff is amazing!

Want to "shout out" a staff member? We want to hear about it!

We have had 0 families "shout out" a staff member!

I know you value all those who work at Watkins.

Please show some love to a Watkins staff member this week!

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From the Nurse:

April Health News - from your school nurse

Spring Safety Tips: Continue to take everyday precautions against viruses such as flu, covid and common colds!

Spring Cleaning: In addition to your regular spring cleaning chores, consider adding some that will make your home a little safer for your kids, such as cleaning out your medicine cabinet, checking product recalls, and looking for broken toys, etc.

Sun Safety: Remember, the sun’s rays are strongest between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm. Use protective clothing, even on cloudy days. It is important to get a healthy dose of sunshine each day J

Asthma/Allergy Action Plans: Seasonal Allergy and Asthma Action Plans are important to review and update with your health care provider and a copy should be on file at school, as well as a rescue inhaler. Learn what your child’s triggers are – pollen, grass, molds, temperature changes, exercise, smoke, perfume, pesticides? Please Let us know. Children deserve allergy and asthma friendly homes and schools.

A word about head lice – This can happen to anyone, it’s not uncommon. Most head lice are transmitted from head to head contact. Check your children regularly; if head lice are found consult a health care provider regarding treatment options. Follow package directions and comb out lice and nits thoroughly. While this is a time consuming task, it is also very effective at preventing repeat cycles. Clean all items that may have been in contact with your child’s head. (Combs, brushes, linens, stuffed animals). Let your children’s close friends and parents know so they too can check regularly. Report all cases to the school nurse, and I will re-check your child when they return to school.